Apita o árbitro e fim de jogo! Acabou o #CloudOnBoard e já estamos com saudades. Foi um dia repleto de informações, treinamentos, insights e novidades @GCPcloud. Muito obrigado a todos vocês que se juntaram a nós tanto offline como online ☁️❤️ ↓

Children are innately creative. Nurturing that spark is one of the most important things that teachers do. Unleash curiosity, imagination, and wonder in your classroom with the free #EveryoneCanCreate Teacher Guide for Early Learners. https://t.co/bKwJKEArZW

By harnessing #Azure Search custom skills, we built a feature that creates personalized job recommendations from identified skills on resumes. Learn more: https://t.co/Bo6g4SxyMY

Puppy-dog eyes are hard to resist. That may be exactly why dogs’ eyes have changed ever since humans befriended them. (via @haleysweiss for @TheAtlantic) https://t.co/VOBC1MrqDE

Will demons ever learn that taking over castles can get you killed?

Play Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: https://t.co/Yh0UH8Kxdj

In #SwiftPlaygrounds, a bug in your code can send Byte off-course. Step Through My Code lets you follow along as your code runs, so you'll be able to see which commands, loops, or conditions you need to fix. #EveryoneCanCode

Keeping up with the latest in #dotNET, C#, and #Xamarin is easier than ever.
Listen to the latest #XamarinPodcast to learn about:
• New features in #Xamarin.Forms 4
• Return of the Office Hours
• Xamarin Developer Summit
...and more.


Embed conversations, video, and content from #Microsoft365 and more to your #SharePoint home site so you can connect with the information and activities that matter to you, across all your devices. https://t.co/RXFzXqIyCh

Remember the desktop computer? Mixed reality collaboration with #MSDyn365 can help people solve problems faster by sharing expertise in real time. Learn more: https://t.co/13tdV3yMjS

Excited to share the new #EveryoneCanCreate Design Workbook! Using this interactive guide students master four phases of the creative process and develop design thinking skills they can apply to any class project, club activity, or community initiative. https://t.co/MyT8wbuObr

All the sites you love, now wherever you go. When you sync your favorites, you can access them from all your Windows 10 devices. https://t.co/gDdnPS1Syd

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