The U.S. is on the verge of a devastating OB-GYN shortage, and women around the country will be affected as soon as next year. Here’s who will feel it the most, via @hannahsmothers_ for @vice:

In 2015, a video of a plastic straw being pulled out of a turtle’s nose went viral. It was, if you will, the last straw. The plastic straw was canceled, and it gave rise to the Straw Wars of 2019, where paper reigns supreme. (via @stevensonseth for @slate)

A track record of teamwork

breakthrough technology

See how our long-standing partnership with @RenaultF1Team is enabling fast decisions, fast cars and even faster lap times. 🏎🏁

#F1 #TexhMeetsTrack #SingaporeGP

E o vencedor do #SheHacksBr foi o grupo 12, com um projeto de compartilhamento de notícias em redes públicas – em vez de fazer check-in para utilizar a rede, você compartilharia uma notícia do jornal da USP. Parabéns!🏆 #Azure #MSFTImagine @msdevbr

Human teenagers aren’t the only adolescents to misbehave. Scientists have found that many other animals — such as otters, gazelles, eagles, and more — also exhibit risky behavior when they’re young, and it can help them survive as adults. (via @WSJ)

Redefine the #retail experience with tools like #AI and the IoT to thrive in a new digital age. Read the white paper to learn more:

É hora de avaliar os projetos das participantes! Na banca, três membros da Microsoft: Jaqueline Ramos, Cloud Solution Architect; Laís Donghia, Data & AI Consultant, e Franklin Luzes, dir. de negócios da Microsoft Brasil e VP do Fundo BR. Boa sorte a todas! 😀 #ShehacksBr #Azure

The #automotive industry is set to boom by 2030 and companies need to step up their game to differentiate from their competition. Find out how you can leverage @Microsoft’s suite of tools to do just so:

Pick a camera. Tap for a photo. Swipe left for burst photos. Hold the shutter for a QuickTake video. Here’s how to use the camera on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Get access to dozens of step-by-step recipes for quickly building scalable #serverless apps. Download the free e-book:

This LA county homicide detective’s dishonesty was kept secret for years. He was a lead detective on some of the department’s highest-profile investigations — and that could upend several criminal cases. (via @latimes)

These #Apple deals offer savings of up to $700 off everything from #MacBookPro laptops to the new #AppleWatchSeries5. Check out the savings @AppleInsider! 👍

We're excited the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards are almost here!! Catch them tomorrow right here at Microsoft Theater 🤩🤩 @TelevisionAcad #Emmys #Emmys2019

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