Security firm #Kaspersky says that in 2019 the Shlayer Trojan infected 1 in 10 #Mac users, opening the door to malicious apps that hide behind fake error messages about users needing to update #Flash

#Apple launches a new #AppleWatch rewards program, plus what's going on with #WhatsApp and #iCloud encryption, and how yet another #iPhone factory is opening in India on the AppleInsider Podcast

Deals: Powerbeats Pro Return to Low Price of $199.95 in All Colors by @mbrsrd

#Apple has updated its "Jobs at Apple" page, adding an array of animated Apple logos, as well as a new inspirational video encouraging viewers to consider working for the company

After leading the pack with an #Apple stock price climb in early December, Cowen's Krish Sankar has done so again just over a month later, hiking the $aapl price target to $350.

トランぺッターの黒田卓也とコラボし、SOUL JAZZをコンセプトにした @MISIA 7年ぶりのベストアルバム「MISIA SOUL JAZZ BEST 2020」リリース🎺🌈

Just four days before #Apple's crucial holiday quarter earnings report, Rosenblatt Securities has dramatically hiked its $aapl target price -- to $250.

At launch, the #Macintosh was far from a hit, far from affordable and far from being completely workable. Yet, the #Mac did succeed in forever changing computing not just for fans, but for world.

36 Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Unveiled the First Macintosh by @julipuli

For a limited time, @StubHub USA is offering 10% off the price of any of its tickets, if you buy using #ApplePay and the StubHub app.

Samsung’s Long-Awaited Answer to AirDrop Expected to Arrive Next Month by @waxeditorial

Apple Rents All Six Floors of ‘Triangle Building’ Near Apple Park by @waxeditorial

New Figures Suggest Apple’s Location Privacy Controls in iOS 13 Are Working by @waxeditorial

We've curated all our #Bett2020 resources including the free Apple Classroom Workbook in the #AppleTeacher Learning Center! Revisit the activities, recreate this experience in class, and explore project ideas that span subjects! #EveryoneCanCreate

Exploration—that’s what the Apple Classroom is all about at #Bett2020. You'll even leave with a stellar #Pages workbook designed to help you bring the learning back home and recreate the activities with your students!

.@uesaka_official 濃密かつキュートな世界観を展開した4thアルバム

More and more Americans are feeling lonely, and our workplace culture may be contributing to that sense of isolation. (via @NPR)

Security costs are the last sticking point in Harry and Meghan’s royal exit. Why it’s elicited such an outcry, and what the solution may be, via @vanderhoofy for @VanityFair:

“The future that students see for themselves does not square with the future of work.” Though the world of work has changed in the past decade, teens’ career aspirations have not. (via @jandersonQZ for @qz)

The stories that have our editors talking:
• Why Gen X women are the “sleepless generation”
• Cats — once the stars of YouTube videos — are now becoming the platform’s biggest … viewers
• No one can explain why planes fly
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.@Apple leases entire ‘Triangle Building’ near #ApplePark

How did #coronavirus spread so far, so fast? @NatGeo’s executive editor for science, @vmjaggard99, explains:

Today's the last day to enter our giveaway to win custom-painted AirPods Pro from ColorWare!

#Sonos will provide legacy devices with software updates for ‘as long as possible’

Profile of @Apple procurement exec details iron fist supplier negotiations

.@CharlizeAfrica talks to @wmag about Five Things: a person, a place, an object, a positive event and a negative event that made her who she is.

Broadcom Inks Multi-Year Supply Deals With Apple to Provide Wireless Components and Modules by @julipuli

FICO is making changes to its credit-score model. Here’s how it could affect — and possibly lower — your score, via @AAndriotis for @WSJ:

#Broadcom inks two multi-year deals to supply @Apple with wireless components

Apple TV+ Show ‘Little America’ Getting Accompanying Podcast by @julipuli

Deal alert: #Apple's 16-inch #MacBookPro returns to $2,149 ($250 off) for a limited time

WSJ Profiles ‘The Blevinator,’ Apple’s VP of Procurement Who Handles Supplier Negotiations by @julipuli

Development studio @PsyonixStudios is ending support for #macOS in @RocketLeague from March, with an update set to shut down online functions but keep local multiplayer elements alive.

Apple Revamps Jobs Site With New Design and Video Featuring Animated Apple Logos by @julipuli

The legend returns. @SirPatStew gives you an exclusive behind the scenes look at @CBSAllAccess’ #StarTrekPicard.
Watch the series premiere now on the Apple TV app.

Today in #TopStories:
• Senators dig in as Democrats outline Trump impeachment case
• White House unveils a new rule on visas for foreign pregnant travelers
• CDC escalates health warning to level 3 for deadly virus
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#Apple has revealed the trailer for "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" season 3, showing off some of the new skits and actors involved in the new season. #appletv

Apple has countered suggestions from the @EU_Commission to leave Lightning for an industry-wide common charger, on grounds it would stifle innovation and generate vast amounts of e-waste.

Keep an eye on your house, even when you’re away. 👀

HomeKit Secure Video lets supported security cameras store footage in iCloud, without using up your free space. Learn more:

Apple Shares Trailer for ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Season 3 by @julipuli

Evangeline sometimes goes days without speaking to anyone. But when she turns to the glow of her smartphone, she has friends at her fingertips. How a Facebook group for homeless people connects those living on the streets, via @AlpertReyes for @latimes:

A new featurette for the M. Night Shyamalan-produced #AppleTV+ show #Servant shows the work that went into getting the food perfect, and how it conveys emotions and themes for each episode.

More stress on her ribs could damage her organs or kill her, Morgan from #Cheer was told during a visit to the ER. But she refused treatment and returned to cheerleading practice. What does this say about American sports? (via @amandamull for @TheAtlantic)

Less than a week before #Apple's quarterly earnings report, Bank of America has slightly boosted its target price for $aapl to $340.

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