AirPower and New AirPods Said to Ship in First Half of 2019, New iPod Touch With Faster Processor Also Expected by @rsgnl

Two New iPad Pro Models, 10.2-Inch iPad, and iPad Mini 5 Said to Launch in 2019 by @rsgnl

Kuo: 2019 iPhones Able to Wirelessly Charge Other Devices, Feature Frosted Glass and Larger Batteries, and More by @rsgnl

Apple Said to Release 31.6-Inch 6K Display With Mini LED-Like Backlight Design by @rsgnl

Apple Said to Release 16-Inch to 16.5-Inch MacBook Pro With All-New Design in 2019 by @rsgnl

The #BlackHistoryMonth Excellence playlists are a must listen.
Check them out here:

#Apple's latest significant hire is @samjadallah, who will reportedly be heading up the company's smarthome efforts.

The public eye sees everything.
Watch @RealHughJackman in #TheFrontRunner.
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At just under $49, these Funcl AI earbuds are a budget-friendly alternative to #Apple #AirPods

It was the failures that built the success of the moon landing. 🚀 🌑
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If you could put any NBA players together on one team—past or present—who would you pick?

Build your own all-star team with @NBA2KMobile.


NBA 2K Mobile Basketball : App Store Story

‎Game of the Day: NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

‎Learn about NBA 2K Mobile Basketball on App Store.

The people have spoken, and they like news that arrives a week late. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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Gone are the dull, tasteless grains of our youth. Oatmeal has officially gone through a 2019 glow-up. (via @foodandwine)

Access to David Bowie's personal archive? 👨‍🎤⚡️

Yes please! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Party on, dude.
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One man reportedly stole headphones and other items from the same Apple Store every day for months, El Chapo branded #iPhone accessories, and more, in the latest #Apple-related crime roundup


When you suffer with bad skin, it can be easy to blame your diet. But does munching on chocolate really cause acne? @CNN investigates.

What's the price of the “perfect” wedding? Young couples are mortgaging their futures at frenzied bridal expos in search of their happily ever after. (via @_NatalieEscobar in @TheAtlantic)

#PresidentsDayWeekend #Apple #deals: Macs on sale from $749 (up to $700 off), plus hundreds off #iPad Pros & more

Apple Hires Ex-Microsoft Exec to Revamp Smart Home Business by @MacRumors

国内外で旋風を巻き起こす、"NEOかわいい"バンドのピンク色オルタナ革命。@CHAIofficialJPN 「PUNK」リリース🎀

Why the world’s most precious spice is on the verge of disappearing. (via @eater)

Video-game dunks, step-back 3s, 4th-quarter defense:
The 2019 #NBAAllStar Game is about to rock Buzz City.
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Who has a hot new move?

@BrawlStars newest character, Gene—that's who! 👊

Yeah, yeah, Valentine's day was a couple days ago, but who said you can't continue the celebration?
Especially if @SamHeughan's encouraging it. 😏
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Ever wanted #iMessage on your #PowerPC Mac? MacRumors member eyoungren made it happen using an iPhone 4 running iOS 7 as a conduit.

Plan your garden. Sketch a portrait. Or just straighten out your handwriting.

Here's how to add lines and grids to Notes, for easier writing and drawing with Apple Pencil.

Now entering full weekend mode.
Time to binge on the infamous Lorena Bobbitt.
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On a scale of 1 to #DanielRadcliffe, how do you feel about the weekend finally being here?
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Nuevo álbum, increíbles canciones, grandes colaboraciones.

#HeadOverWater x @AvrilLavigne

@theweeknd x @bellahadid
Hear a special birthday edition of MEMENTO MORI today on @Beats1:
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Listen live:

Hey, Trainers—guess what day it is? #PokemonGOCommunityDay!

This month's featured Pokémon: Swinub.

Get catching:

How the “con queen of Hollywood” is scamming Instagrammers out of thousands. (via @VICE)

Video: #Apple's 2018 #Macmini is a welcome refresh, but the Intel graphics are weak. AppleInsider examines whether it is worth the extra expense of adding an external GPU.

Enough said. 💪👑
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.@Cgray91 wanted to help students find scholarships, so he created @MyScholly 🤓📖

Learn more about this pioneering African American developer helping students get closer to their dreams.

#BlackHistoryMonth⁠ ⁠ ❤️🖤💚

Applying Himself : App Store Story

‎Applying Himself

‎Scholly cofounder Christopher Gray matches students with scholarships.

Weekend mood 🕺
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メンバーのソロ活動でもシーンを沸かせる人気ヒップホップクルー @kandytownlife 久々に集結。「LOCAL SERVICE」リリース。

From child star, to archaeologist, and then back to the big time via Riverdale: @ColeSprouse walks @GQMagazine through his unusual journey.

These $49 Funcl AI earbuds might look like #Apple #AirPods, but they're a whole lot cheaper (and still sound great)

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