Children are innately creative. Nurturing that spark is one of the most important things that teachers do. Unleash curiosity, imagination, and wonder in your classroom with the free #EveryoneCanCreate Teacher Guide for Early Learners.

Puppy-dog eyes are hard to resist. That may be exactly why dogs’ eyes have changed ever since humans befriended them. (via @haleysweiss for @TheAtlantic)

In #SwiftPlaygrounds, a bug in your code can send Byte off-course. Step Through My Code lets you follow along as your code runs, so you'll be able to see which commands, loops, or conditions you need to fix. #EveryoneCanCode

Excited to share the new #EveryoneCanCreate Design Workbook! Using this interactive guide students master four phases of the creative process and develop design thinking skills they can apply to any class project, club activity, or community initiative.

HOT GIRL MEG IS HERE. @theestallion is our new #UpNext artist. Get ready for music and the film coming June 25.

.@Dish Network is reportedly in talks to pay $6 billion or more to snap up assets from @Sprint and @TMobile as they try to win regulatory approval for a $26.5 billion merger.

Catch up on every twist and turn.
Watch Season 1 of #Riviera for free on @SundanceNow on the Apple TV app. (US)

#EveryoneCanCreate now maps to National Common Arts Anchor Standards in 🇺🇸! Explore an updated introductory chapter in the Teacher Guide to find resources and strategies designed to help you integrate creativity more deeply into your lessons. #EdTech

The @pci_sig has announced #PCIe 6.0, an update to the standard arriving in 2021 that boasts up to 256 gigabytes per second of bandwidth, making it a great candidate for use in a future #MacPro.

Dish Network Nearing Deal for Boost Mobile as T-Mobile and Sprint Unload Assets for Merger Approval by @julipuli

Violet is determined to win it all and become a star. 🌟
Get inspired to follow your dreams with #TeenSpiritMovie.

You have 60 seconds to figure out what’s happening—that’s the game.

Pre-order Minit, a truly bizarre and charming adventure!

Announcing the #EveryoneCanCreate Teacher Guide for Early Learners! Explore skill-building activities, project examples, and lesson ideas designed by educators specifically for the abilities and reading levels of young students. #EdTech #AppleEDUchat

The productivity tool #GoogleCalendar is undergoing issues for many users, with some unable to access their calendars at all, a problem @Google is working to fix.

The most popular cat names of 2019 are here! Choose wisely, even though your cat will probably ignore you when you call its name anyway. (via @AptTherapy)

Further signalling that the #AppleWatch may become independent from iPhones later this year, current #watchOS6 betas appear to support direct OS updates -- with one catch.

Apple's #AppStore continues to generate more revenue for app publishers than #GooglePlay, according to @SensorTower, with #iOS apps bringing in 64% more revenue in Q1 2019.

.@CalDigit on Tuesday launched the Connect 10G, an adapter bridging #Thunderbolt3 #Mac and Windows PCs with 10-gigabit Ethernet networks.

.@Satechi is entering the smart home market with the new #HomeKit-equipped Dual Smart Outlet, which is available to order starting today.

The financially struggling Japan Display is reportedly in talks with #Apple about reinvestment and waiving debts following its loss of a bailout partner this week.

Adding to the small number of hubs fully taking advantage of USB-C on 2018 #iPadPro, @Kanexproducts on Tuesday announced the iAdapt Multiport Docking Station, turning one connection into six.

These Mega #Deal Zone prices won't last long. Save up to $2,279 on #electronics, from #Apple #computers to #photography equipment.

If #solotravel isn’t for you, you might want to try solo-ish travel. Here’s what you need to know about this emerging travel trend (via @iamwellandgood):

'My reaction was a wake-up call': One father's journey from worry to celebration after his son came out as gay. Via @Refinery29UK

.@BHPhotoVideo's Mega Deal Zone Event is going on now! Save up to $2,279 on popular #electronics, including #Apple devices.

#TinyHomes aren’t staying so tiny anymore — and they’re getting more expensive, too. (via @realtordotcom)

Drinking up to 25 cups of coffee a day is technically safe for the heart. But should you really be having that much? And who is actually drinking that much coffee?! (via @Jamie_Ducharme for @time)

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