A security research organization placed eight 'smart spies' in both the #AmazonAlexa and #GoogleHome app stores to demonstrate how easily spying and phishing can be done over smart speakers. https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/10/21/alexa-and-google-home-spying-apps-easily-made-it-through-approval

Google Working on Software Update to Bring Eye Detection to Pixel 4’s Face Unlock https://www.macrumors.com/2019/10/21/eye-detection-on-way-google-pixel-4-face-unlock/ by @waxeditorial

Google to Fix ‘Bug’ That Lets iOS Photos App Users Upload Original HEIC Images for Free https://www.macrumors.com/2019/10/21/google-photos-heic-format-bug-fix-coming/ by @waxeditorial

Sugar, salt, and fat: How the baby-food industry hooks toddlers on unhealthy food. (via @lreiley for @washingtonpost) https://apple.co/2J5cHa7

"You’re not entirely sure where real history ends and alt-history begins.”
Go behind the scenes with the creators of @Watchmen to learn how they brought the comic book to life.
Watch the premiere now from @HBO on the Apple TV app. http://apple.co/2MSXnPb

Removing a relationship from your phone used to be as easy as deleting your ex’s number. Now there’s a lot more to untangle. (via @hannahsmothers_ for @VICE) https://apple.co/32tYco4

The real estate industry is trying to sell you a healthier home — but do luxury units outfitted in “hospital-grade air” and “energizing light” really help you live longer? (via @patrickcsisson for @curbed) https://apple.co/2VUyXsm

Check out @beck’s new track #UneventfulDays co-written with @Pharrell while you wait for his album #Hyperspace. Listen now on the #ALTCTRL playlist: http://apple.co/ALTCTRL

Identical twins. Identical asylum claims. Very different luck at the border. What happened when 12-year-old twins entered Texas from Mexico, days apart (via @mollyhf for @latimes): https://apple.co/2pwyqRy

The History of Apple October Event dates:

2010: Oct 20th
2011: Oct 4th
2012: Oct 23rd
2013: Oct 22nd
2014: Oct 16th
2015: none
2016: Oct 27th
2017: none
2018: Oct 30th
2019: ???

What does it take to build an equal partnership? This professor studied dual-income couples and found that the ones who had truly equitable relationships had a few things in common. (via @TheAtlantic) https://apple.co/2Ms2yGt

Have you been sitting less? Moving more? Walking farther? Check out the new Trends tab in the Activity app on your iPhone, and keep those arrows pointed up.

Learn more: https://apple.co/2Bua1P6

We decided to compare @EscapeMotion's Rebelle 3 against @Adobe's #Adobe Fresco to see which tool is the best for creating digital art. https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/10/20/adobe-fresco-vs-rebelle-3-which-tool-is-better-for-artists-and-why

.@Amazon drops #Apple's spacious 1TB 11-inch #iPadPro to its lowest price ever https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/10/20/amazon-drops-apples-1tb-11-inch-ipad-pro-to-lowest-price-ever

These ancient European bones reveal the first hints of social inequality from some 4,000 years ago. (via @meganigannon for @NatGeo) https://apple.co/2VWq5mo

Superhero alert! 👊💥

Watch @ReginaKing play Angela Abar, a crime-fighting officer turned vigilante named Sister Night in @HBO’s new series Watchmen.

We’ve been waiting too and we’re stoked.


.@Apple Software Engineer @rmondello took to Twitter to tell the tale of one of iOS 12's most beloved features: Security Code AutoFill.

Alt history buff and creator of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and @ForAllMankind_, @RonDMoore shares his favorite alt history masterpieces. Watch all on the Apple TV app while you wait for #ForAllMankind to launch on November 1. http://apple.co/ForAllMankind

In 2004, scientists introduced the endangered Przewalski’s horse to Chernobyl. Today, the last truly wild horses have made a comeback — and motion-sensor cameras show they’re alive and well. (via @PopMech) https://apple.co/2BpyCod

“There is definite hanky-panky going on”: Investors are trading based on what Trump’s tweeting — and making millions, sometimes in just minutes. Did they know what he was going to say before he said it? @VanityFair investigates: https://apple.co/33I7zR9

Why are dogs our best friends? It’s not necessarily because they’re intelligent — it’s because they’re built to love us back. (via @ScienceFocus) https://apple.co/2BqSAPo

A battle has been raging in the dark corners of the internet between the owners of #8chan, who are trying to revive the controversial website, and the site’s founder, who wants to keep it, and #QAnon, offline. (via @daithaigilbert for @VICE) https://apple.co/31sGvUz

This #ConversationStarter had our editors wondering: How good is our tipping etiquette, anyway? Take this quiz from the @washingtonpost to find out whether you know how to tip in America: https://apple.co/2VVS0Tk

When the sound goes to 11, you can take 5.

The Noise app in watchOS 6 can notify you when environmental noise is loud enough to affect your hearing. Learn more: https://apple.co/32vEbxo

.@madeon leads this week’s #danceXL playlist with his new track #BeFine. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Listen all weekend long: http://apple.co/danceXL

You know that “brain tingle” you get from watching an ASMR video? (“Almost like bubbles on the scalp,” one scientist says.) Here’s what’s going on behind that sensation, via @emilykwong1234 for @NPR: https://apple.co/2P1bdBI

Lamborghini, mercy.

The new, high-performance Lambo Aventador and the iconic Lambo Diablo will be rolling out in @realracing 3: http://apple.co/RealRacing3Lambo

Top Stories: Beats Solo Pro Headphones, Apple Leaks 16-Inch MacBook Pro, $399 ‘iPhone SE 2’ and More https://www.macrumors.com/2019/10/19/top-stories-beats-solo-pro-16-macbook-pro/ by @MacRumors

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