.@katarina_81 ベストアルバム「fragment」リリース。今すぐチェックしよう。 https://t.co/v0NusPmC03

Room for one more? It's grub time. 🦃
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Yo Adrian! They got a bundle. And it's in 4K HDR. 🥊
Get the #Rocky and #Creed bundle for only $14.99 on iTunes for a limited time.
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Don't you want some butterbeer now? 🍺🦉
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cc. @ZoeKravitz @AlisonSudol @MrDanFogler @ClaudiaSKim

Teaching Kung Fu powers to the kids is no small task. 🥋
Watch #KungFuPanda: The Paws of Destiny on @PrimeVideo with the Apple TV app! 🐼

How to Rebuild the Spotlight Index on Your Mac https://t.co/gjjmNr2tHj by @waxeditorial

Walmart Overtakes Apple to Become Third Largest Online Retailer in the U.S. https://t.co/Eh5DRhzKFG by @waxeditorial

20 years since #SexandtheCity, @JimMiller takes you inside the show that redefined what could be said and done on TV. Go behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew on #OriginsJAM.

Video: No device is perfect -- the five biggest #iPadPro problems https://t.co/St696gyEsf

Strut game strong. ✨
Happy Birthday @RuPaul!

Your dream car is waiting (in AR 😉) ➡️ https://t.co/nAZEVc50qR

Tips: How to use an #iPad or #iPadPro as a monitor for your #Mac https://t.co/mVwX0T5fmT

Twenty countries. Twenty refrigerators. Let's take a peek, courtesy of @Mic https://t.co/R4VysW8BHO

#Reggaeton from @JBALVIN is here!
Listen now on the #DalePlay playlist: https://t.co/R2ifYP63xY

That feeling when it’s finally the weekend ⚽️🙌 @BleacherReport

.@Walmart forecast to usurp @Apple as No. 3 online retailer in U.S., @Amazon widens overwhelming lead https://t.co/yPC5xR93TS

#lovelive https://t.co/EY97OWajVj

They wanted something just like this. 🎶
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Friends asking for those photos? With an iCloud link, they can see them all and pick the ones they want to download.

Check it out.

.@Verizon rolls out ‘My Numbers’ feature for five lines on a single device, announces #RCS support in early 2019 https://t.co/Og8IRSgf8I

.@jonbellion takes you behind his song #StupidDeep.
Listen to his latest album #GlorySoundPrep: https://t.co/cU8OrjQby3

Sometimes it takes an unlikely friend to make you feel like you belong.
See Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen in #GreenBook.
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The chemistry is real in the carpool lane! 🔥
New @CarpoolKaraoke with @TyraBanks and @LilYachty now streaming for free in the Apple TV app.

.@Vainglory launched 4 years ago today! 🎉

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Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday is here. Join the party and listen to his birthday playlist. 🎂

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We’re here to help you discover your new favorite podcast. 😎
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Tap Launches New ‘TapAcademy’ for Learning to Use Its Wearable Keyboard https://t.co/Rq60ad2Yf6 by @julipuli

Original Apple Pencil vs. Apple Pencil 2 https://t.co/QciaZBALHy by @julipuli

New iPad Pro Models May Be Prone to Bending https://t.co/sxe3L3q8G9 by @julipuli

Maybe that's just his way of saying, "Excuse me!" 🦈😬
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With Canva's more than 60,000 templates and nearly unlimited ways to customize them, design something awesome in minutes 👇

Graphic design for the rest of us : App Store Story

‎App of the Day: Canva: Logo & invitation maker

‎You can do it: all you need is Canva.


Verizon Launches New ‘My Numbers’ Feature for Adding Up to 5 Numbers to a Single Smartphone https://t.co/GhqSIUEjN9 by @julipuli

Tiny turkeys are the new Thanksgiving centerpiece for Millennials this year. @business explains https://t.co/EpRdpAMxJr

#Apple should keep #Lightning for now, but USB-A has to die https://t.co/FlOEHzaPs9

If there's one thing to be thankful for, it's family. Now let's have some fun!
Watch #YoungSheldon on @CBS with the Apple TV app now.

Adobe Lightroom CC adds support for 2018 iPads and iPhones, new Apple Pencil gestures https://t.co/whVShWu1jx

MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Pro Photography Lens Set For Your iPhone From SANDMARC https://t.co/k0xsS1TiHg by @julipuli

What if each student had something like a private tutor, and more power over what and how they learned? @NPR details how technology can shape the future of learning https://t.co/N4EV1GncLC

#iTunes #deals: The Office: The Complete Series #onsale for $29.99 . Parks and Recreation: The Complete Series also on sale for under $30. https://t.co/lLVyV6Th9G

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