Futurism Forum is happy to announce its international online invite-only conference on AI, Cyber Security, and Blockchain on October 6-8!
Among the growing list of keynote speakers are CEOs of international technology companies, global AI, cyber security https://bit.ly/36cvqwY

Build, measure, then optimize! These are your general steps for successfully running your Java application on AWS Lambda - learn how on the AWS Architecture Blog. https://go.aws/2S0Xqv6

Perfectly Imperfect: Coping With The ‘Flaws’ Of #artificialintelligence (#AI)
What is the acceptable failure rate of an airplane Well, it is not zero… no matter what how hard we want to believe ot ..

Use Amazon Transcribe to automatically identify the predominant language in a media file, so you can transcribe files without specifying a language: https://go.aws/36jbXdM

How Do We Make Machine Learning More Aligned with Human Values w/ @DataRobot https://datafloq.com/read/how-do-we-make-machine-learning-more-aligned-human-values/9718 #AI #Ethics

Congratulations to our Chief Innovation Officer, Susan Penfield for making the Top 25 Women Leaders in #IT Services of 2020 list! https://bit.ly/32f9v5F

#ICYMI Word on the street is that we now have a @HashiCorp verified Terraform Provider for Splunk. Oh yes — the rumors are true! Get all the details on how to get started and see what this can do for your environment here: https://splk.it/3mUw484

Load CSV #data | TensorFlow Core
This tutorial provides examples of how to use CSV #data with TensorFlow. There are two main parts to this: Loading the ..

#ICYMI Looking to effortlessly adapt your #SecOps workflow? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Splunk Phantom modular workbooks allow you to create task modules *and* combine them in different ways to complete your investigation process. Check it out: https://splk.it/3i5rksO

📊 Want to learn more about AWS & public cloud? Explore our library of analyst reports for business owners, IT professionals, consultants & more. https://go.aws/303hAc8

Is #artificialintelligence dumbing us down?
Two seemingly unrelated news stories piqued my interest recently. Earlier this month, the Guardian newspaper published ..

Primed and ready for the #RussianGP, the W11 is looking as beautiful as ever. Are you ready for race day, @MercedesAMGF1 fans?

#WeekendWonders: Can your 🐶 jump? Can your 🐶 talk? Can your 🐶 remind you to wear a mask? This dog does it ALL!

#HuaweiConnect #HC2020

Study: MRI with #machinelearning reveals brain changes from PTSD
MRI boosted by #machinelearning reveals changes in brains of women with PTSD, a new study has found. Photo by PlusLexi ..

What Is #Cloud Native and Why Is It Important?
When #Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) general manager Priyanka Sharma has to explain what she does to someone ..

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