From #cybersecurity challenges to athletics training, we’re helping @Illinois_Alma take advantage of fast, focused, #data-driven insights. @EdTech_HigherEd’s @CalvinHennick shares how they’ve been using Splunk software to improve the campus experience:

Calling all #datascience + #education experts! Our @KirkDBorne is hosting a Twitter Chat this Thursday at 1pm EST about this year’s #DataSciBowl! We’re gathering experts to discuss how we can use #bigdata to transform #edtech. Learn more: @PBSKIDS @kaggle

#Blockchain Will Unblock A #Data Problem In Healthcare
The caregiving environment is becoming increasingly #digital. Resultantly, a growing number of healthcare IT leaders ar ..

On #ThisisMyArchitecture, learn how @Dream11 leveraged spot instances to run time-critical workloads and achieve a 40% cost savings.

Stay tuned for new #AI product announcements from our AI experts @NaveenGRao and @IMJB2U. Streaming live later today!

The World #RetailBanking Report 2019 suggests that a strategic approach built on a foundation of strong collaboration can give banks a lead in the Open X era. Banks willing to liaise with #FinTechs will benefit the most. Learn more:

Tune into our #CSCOQ1FY20 Earnings Call at 1:30 pm PT on Wednesday, November 13th. Follow highlights here: $CSCO

"Once you go serverless you never go back..." says @allPowerde, lead at CSIRO. See how her team used AWS Lambda to architect a genome search engine that handles bursty workloads.

To innovate you need the flexibility to build, test and change. Fast. Get the 🔧 Builders' Toolbox 🔨 to help kick-start your innovation.

We are proud sponsors of #RHGov19 because we believe that the future needs to be built on digital transformation. Learn more about our #digitalsolutions work:

Learn how to migrate an Oracle database from an on-premises environment to VMware Cloud on AWS using AWS Database Migration Service:

Transform your #CX with intelligent data and give customers what they want. Register now for Informatica’s 2nd annual Customer Experience VIP Summit: #INFACX #CX

Announcing Dell PC as a Service. Now small business founders can spend more time building their business and less time managing IT. Learn how: #PCaaS #DellTechSummit

Discover how you can turn creativity into profitability for your business by harnessing #innovation through our Design Office from our ADMnext expert @garjam_apps.

Survey: Retail brands sharing personalized offers will win over consumers this holiday season
Get the most important #digital #marketing news each day. Sign up for our NEW daily brief. Note: By submitting this form ..

We’re committed to empowering female #SmallBusiness owners with networks, sources of capital, knowledge and tech. Join the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (#DWEN) on Dec. 2-3 in Amsterdam! Apply here:

In today's dynamic world, coders are rushed to deploy changes with maximum accuracy. Luis Delabarre tells us how #SecDevOps plays an important role here, illustrating its two distinct parts. Learn more: #Cybersecurity

They studied abroad and are new recruits at Huawei. Also, they certainly have different POVs on many things, like what’s their prediction of the cellphone in 10 years. What’s yours? #WhoAreWe #HuaweiLife

Huawei teamed with East China Normal University to create a tree-planting #AI robot to help tackle #climatechange. What would you use a robot for? #HuaweiNow #treeplanting

Open-sourcing Polynote: an IDE-inspired polyglot notebook
We are pleased to announce the open-source launch of Polynote: a new, polyglot notebook with first-class Scala support ..

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