75% of customers say they will switch #Insurers if seamless policy servicing is not available across all channels. Download the World #Insurance Report 2020 for detailed insights: https://bit.ly/2zngq0C #WIR20

Ever wondered what it's like to work in a data center? Hear from Anna, Neliswa & Lou about life in infrastructure #HereatAWS. https://go.aws/3deQfbB

Tips on #Digital Adoption and Transformation from Tesla
Former director of learning shares some of the mindset that drives the electric car maker's strategy for fueling exter ..

Tune in to find out how #Automotive suppliers can streamline operations and control core business processes. Our Automotive and #SAP experts share insights in our latest podcast: https://bit.ly/2KJ1Umn

The need for responsiveness and speed are driving new technology-backed operating models for marketing. Download our POV to find out how you can rev up your marketing: https://bit.ly/2LnNlFc #MarTech

French #Data Protection Authority Releases Position on the Collection of Publicly Available Personal #Data
While privacy concerns associated to the implementation of COVID-19 contact tracing apps across the European Union exi ..

Enhancing data #analytics with #machinelearning and #AI
How are some of the world’s largest data analytics providers utilising #machinelearning to enhance ..



Enhancing data analytics with machine learning and AI | 7wData

How are some of the world’s largest data analytics providers utilising machine learning to enhance their offerings? Recent research has shown th...


Proud of our own @JacquiGF12 for being recognized on @FastCompany’s list among other leaders in the world of business, tech and beyond.

Twitter feed video.
Fast Company@FastCompany

Trailblazers. Advocates. Meet the #FCQueer50, a first-ever list that recognizes LGBTQ women and non-binary innovators in business and tech: http://f-st.co/IRCYWi9

TinyML: When Small #IoT Devices Call for Compressed #machinelearning
Many of us are familiar with the concept of #machinelearning as it pertains to neural networks. But what about TinyML ..

Explore how @AWS_Partners can help you build a digital workplace with Amazon WorkSpaces, AppStream 2.0 & AWS Single Sign-On: https://go.aws/2zXuzSM

A large manufacturing company migrated from an Oracle data warehouse to Amazon Redshift and guess what happened? Performance tripled and total cost of ownership (TCO) lowered by 30%. Read all about it here.

🚀 AWS Systems Manager Explorer now provides a multi-account, multi-region summary of AWS Compute Optimizer recommendations. Want to learn more? https://go.aws/2XDRkTU

What's next for the #ClassOf2020🎓? Cisco SVP and Chief Government Strategy Officer @MichaelTimmeny knows there isn't a challenge they can't tackle.

Software instrumentation can help you gain operational visibility into production systems & help you troubleshoot failures. Not familiar with it? Not a problem.

The Curator of the 2022 Bucharest Biennial Has Been Announced. It's Artificial #Intelligence. No, Really
The opening of the 2020 Bucharest Biennial may be delayed, but the next edition’s curator has no concerns. That’s beca ..

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If you can determine why a #cyberattack occurred ,you can better predict what’s next. Read what our experts have to say about GRU #cyber operations, and the value of “threat-centric risk management.” https://bit.ly/2WK2WoX

Up, up, and away. With our latest platform updates, we’re going all-in on cloud-first delivery. Take a look at how we’re stepping up our game and helping customers pursue multi-cloud strategies from @CRN’s @RickWhiting1: https://splk.it/3de6Ax9 #DataToEverything

How can a computer tell the difference between a wolf and a husky?

With responsible #MachineLearning tools, researchers are able to create fair and just models. 🐺

Learn more:

With lots of different certification exam options, why wouldn't you prep for an AWS Certification? Get the info you need to get started: https://go.aws/2ZIuZY1

Today, Cisco announces its intent to acquire @thousandeyes to enhance Cisco’s complete portfolio of network management solutions and improve your application quality of experience. Read more from @tnight: http://cs.co/6014GEJJ0

Expand your cloud #datawarehouse & #datalake expertise by joining us at the next session of our digital learning experience, CLAIREview:
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You've probably cleaned out and tidied up lots of things lately. Your closet. The garage. A pantry.

But what about your #cloud applications? http://oracl.info/bJon50zRLB1

Human memory is just like the cloud: There are many ways to store & access your data, but some are better than others. A process known as “elaboration” can help you get the most out of your learning.


What's shiny, new, and purpose-built to hone in on common use cases such as forecasting, anomaly detection, and clustering? The new Splunk #MachineLearning Toolkit version 5.2, that's what. Check out all the latest updates right here.

@@google claims new AutoML will 'evolve' without human intervention
Google is at the forefront of advanced #artificialintelligence (#AI) systems and tools. Late last year, the tech titan ..

Your PC can't get in the way of your productivity. It's got to do what you want it to do when you need it to. It's that simple. The new #OptiPlex family we're announcing today is designed to do just that. - Dave Lincoln, VP, Dell Fixed Computing. https://dell.to/36FBOuB

The 9 Best #Analytics Tools For #Data #Visualization Available Today
For #data to be useful to humans, we have to be able to visualize it in a way that lets us understa ..



The 9 Best Analytics Tools For Data Visualization Available Today | 7wData

For data to be useful to humans, we have to be able to visualize it in a way that lets us understand the story it tells, and communicate it to others....


It's #cyber, software, and #engineering experts, but more importantly, it's a close-knit team with opportunities to take on the roles you want. Learn more about what separates our #SanDiego team: https://bit.ly/2Ki1CBp

The Safe Queue mobile app protects customers waiting outside of stores by replacing physical lines with virtual ones. 📲🚶

Learn more about this initial #CallforCode solution: https://ibm.co/2ZI15mJ

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