On the internet, the path to purchase is rarely straightforward. That’s where integrated data and technology come in: https://t.co/sRlnooE1yb

Conseguir "me gustas" 👍 lidiar con los haters 🤬 conversar con seguidores 😉 ...la tarea del Community Manager no es nada fácil, así que, en tu día ¡Felicidades! #DíaDelCommunityManager

Wir sagen mal #TachGoogle, wa? Unser neues Berliner Büro in der Tucholskystraße wurde heute von Google CEO @sundarpichai, VP Central Europe @phjustus und Leiterin Politik & Site Lead Berlin, Annette Kroeber-Riel, eröffnet 🙌.

El anuncio navideño de @Campofrio lidera el ranking #YTAsleaderboardES del mes de diciembre. Humor y emoción, ingredientes para conseguir el éxito https://t.co/BfrYUUsjCq

Here's a reminder of all the things you can do when composing a new message in @gmail → https://t.co/DQoNYNgkYB

ICYMI: Technical Director of Financial Services @UlkuRowe, discusses 5 ways financial services organisations will move faster in the cloud in 2019 on her latest GCP Blog post. Click here for the full post: https://t.co/MGkgtSNvPK? #GoogleCloud #GCP

Weigh in on this week's #PartnersPoll to tell us how you build strong relationships with your clients 💡

Terminamos el año llenos de emoción y reflexión. Ya conocemos los anuncios más vistos de diciembre en el ranking #YTAdsleaderboardEs @Campofrio_es @Ruavieja @ClashRoyale @AprenderJuntos_ @MovistarPlus https://t.co/BfrYUUsjCq

Because we manage the database and handle the configuring and tuning, you can focus on developing applications. Learn more about how you can benefit from our fully managed NoSQL database service, Cloud Bigtable: https://t.co/vYNcbtkc21 #GoogleCloud #GCP

¿A qué retos se enfrentan las compañías para afrontar una Transformación Digital? @SixtoArias nos da las claves para superar con éxito este profundo cambio https://t.co/wX6EfPCeKu #TransformaciónDigital

Las marcas deben saber comunicar los servicios que tienen de manera clara y efectiva generando una experiencia positiva en el usuario https://t.co/fvP160erC0 #Turismo #Fitur2018 @fitur_madrid

Сегодня мы отмечаем 111 лет со дня рождения советского физика-теоретика, лауреата Нобелевской премии Льва Ландау. Скорее переходи на главную страницу Google Поиска — там ты найдешь энергетические уровни заряженной частицы в магнитном поле.

More and more chatbots are being made every day. It’s really easy to build one on #GoogleCloud, especially with this how-to blog: https://t.co/s1ci9t8WcY #GoogleCloud

Unlock rewards faster by using your data to create stories and valuable content with data visualization 📊 » https://t.co/cQhumOVLr5

El viajero premium es muy activo en redes sociales y es creador de contenido ¿Cómo aprovecharlo? https://t.co/fvP160erC0 #Turismo #Infografía #Fitur2018

Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates the brilliant mind of Lev Landau, a Physician and Nobel Prize winner who published his first book at age 18 and completed his PhD by the age of 21 👨‍🔬→ https://t.co/Ia0589CpM1

Today's #GoogleDoodle remembers Soviet physicist Lev Landau, who got his PhD at age 21, won a Nobel Prize for his pioneering theories for condensed matter, AND has a crater on the moon named after him 🌝

Happy 111th birthday, Lev Landau!

Lev Landau‘s 111th Birthday

Lev Landau‘s 111th Birthday! #GoogleDoodle


GDGs take a bow! Together, in 2018, this is the impact that you created for #IndiaDevFest18 🙌

✅ 29 DevFests
✅ 10K+ developers reached
✅ 28% women speakers
✅ 22% women developers
✅ 250+ tech sessions


🎉Bergabunglah dengan kami di Tokyo, 17-18 April, dalam #AMPConf 2019! 🎉

Kami akan memperagakan hal-hal terbaru dari ⚡️ AMP project, dengan semua pembahasan dalam bahasa Inggris & Jepang.

Untuk info lebih lanjut cek disini 👉

AMP Conf 2019 – AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project


Better Code, Faster attendees get one month of hands-on Qwiklabs training free. Join the conversation using #CloudAppDev19. Learn more about using the cloud to build apps at https://t.co/PILd6vcYb1

Security is always top of mind. Our #machinelearning algorithms block out users who attempt to phish your accounts—nearly 10 million spam and malicious emails every minute. https://t.co/KKeq446WQS

Quem trabalha com Ad Tech, Fintech ou IoT precisa conhecer o Cloud Bigtable. Este o é mecanismo de armazenamento para apps de larga escala com baixa latência, processamento e análise de dados de alta capacidade. Acesse para documentação e benefícios → https://t.co/KLfWRPTKmr

Discover the top 3 sources of conflict (and how to handle them) in our blog post » https://t.co/XTvY2l4LpP

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., we're highlighting places devoted to bringing history and culture to life → https://t.co/Jb55AHhayU
📍 Washington DC’s @NMAAHC #MLKDay

As we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we look back at our talk with Dr. Clarence Jones who shares his reflections on the legacy of his friend #MLK #MLKday https://t.co/pDsIiOmGfu

Para el viajero premium, el alojamiento es tan importante como el destino. Las empresas turísticas deben aprovechar esta información https://t.co/fvP160erC0 #Turismo #Infografía #Fitur2019

From Analytics for Firebase, to #BigQuery, to Data Studio. Learn how to move your data around with ease → https://t.co/qkZ5s7TXS9

📣 Update 📣 Agora quando for apresentar um gráfico no Planilhas Google você pode destacar resultados com cores diferente do resto dos elementos. Veja como funciona → https://t.co/WaoDDblVJ0

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Today's #GoogleDoodle by artist @carefulblackgrl honors civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. → https://t.co/AVGT8wszCy #MLKDay

La obtención de #datos es una parte muy importante para empresas del sector #turismo. @TravelgateX utilizó soluciones #Cloud para lograr analizar su data https://t.co/fPd6FGVt0h #Fitur2019

From chatbots to products like Google Home, the way we interact with AI is evolving in really interesting ways » https://t.co/GU1GI0dIz0

This update lets you to embed Google Drawings from #GoogleDrive into @googledocs → https://t.co/utg814qclA

#Fitur2019 está muy cerca y que mejor que saber las tendencias sobre #Turismo y #MarketingDigital de la mano de Maialen Carbajo, Head of Industry @GoogleES https://t.co/VtCZVQDU1d

Morgen eröffnen wir unser neues Büro in #Berlin in der Nähe der Museumsinsel. Während wir noch alles vorbereiten, könnt ihr unsere neuen Nachbarn schon via @googlearts virtuell besuchen: https://t.co/Ayf6sBc4Mq #TachGoogle

People are speaking to their devices more than ever before, and one way agencies can tap into this trend is by creating Actions for their clients. Get ready with Agency Insights 🎙 » https://t.co/7PxNjneJTx

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." —Martin Luther King Jr.

Huge thanks to guest artist @carefulblackgrl for helping us honor the civil rights leader on #MLKDay!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019! #GoogleDoodle


#LunesDeInsights Empieza la semana del turismo 🌴🌞Hoy queremos presentarte al viajero premium. Aprovecha la oportunidad en esta infografía https://t.co/fvP160erC0 #Fitur2019

Click the link below to be whisked away to Nantes, France where #GDG organizers have turned a small event into an annual gathering of more than 2,000 devs and counting. #DevFest18

Bon voyage! 🛫 🇫🇷 → https://t.co/vbqliE6TS9

You could spend time searching for answers to your questions, or you could call our GCP hotline to get the advice you need from our Google Cloud experts. Call 0800 169 0485 to get started. #GoogleCloud #GCP

🚨The countdown has begun!
10 days till applications close for Class II of #LaunchpadAcceleratorIndia


- Indian tech startup
- Preferably at least raised seed funding
- Solve an India specific issue
- Use tech like AI/ML

Apply here 👉 https://t.co/TPAjZh3O4m

✅ Insights from Google engineers
✅ Code better, faster
✅ Deep dives on serverless and CI/CD

Our AppDev digital conference on Jan 24th will have all this and more. For more info or to register, click here: https://t.co/01Zq2bqIcU #GoogleCloud #AppDev #GCP

The Google Cloud Security team have identified some security trends to pay attention to in 2019 and beyond in this GCP Blog: https://t.co/b5r4ndIqDi #GoogleCloud #GCP

Still haven’t voted for your #NBAAllStar? This year, your #NBAAllStar ballot starts in your search bar. Make your voice heard and vote on Google 🏀 → https://t.co/sTyF7sXqyE

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Feeling blue? Well, Meenakshi says the "industry wants you!" in her #MondayMotivation message.

Meenakshi Dhanani a software consultant, was among the 50 women in Asia Pacific to bag the Google Anita Borg Scholarship in 2016.


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