Feeling like a spreadsheet pro? This one's for our formula fanatics:
VLOOKUP (vertical lookup) searches down ⬇️ the first column of a range for the value of a specified cell. https://t.co/d6M9deHIto #SpreadsheetDay

A empresa de tecnologia @Honey escolheu migrar sua crescente base de dados para o #CloudSpanner. Veja como eles tornaram isso possível ➜ https://t.co/Ynq48bbm9c

DYK you can replicate data from different sheets within a single spreadsheet?

Follow the steps below, or type = followed by the sheet name, an exclamation point ❗, and the cell being copied. https://t.co/wBPM6QW5Ui #SpreadsheetDay

Explore the concepts that are covered in the Google Ads Display certification exam in 2 hours with our e-learning course » https://t.co/YdeUNqHuzY

To bring American Sign Language to #Gboard, we collaborated with Deaf artist and advocate Jessica Flores to create a collection of animated stickers → https://t.co/R325rr0JXN

You can count on this formula to help you find the number of times a keyword appears in a range. 🔍 https://t.co/gpi1WAc4CU #SpreadsheetDay

Dodot y sus #pequeñosluchadores llegan al Top5 de #YTadsleaderboardES de los anuncios más vistos. Feliciades a #Dodot y @caratesp por tan buen trabajo https://t.co/bDUJEWp8db

There’s a few universal truths when it comes to building strong client relationships. Run through this list to pick out areas for improvement » https://t.co/LtExTJnKnd

#GoogleSheets =SUM(spreadsheets + cloud collaboration) 🙌

If things aren't adding up in your Sheets, give this classic formula a try → https://t.co/I9IkvSdqpH #SpreadsheetDay

Complex business metrics in plain English. See how Analytics Intelligence can translate your questions into straightforward answers → https://t.co/MWiWyXhB5W

“On expeditions like these we are reminded of why we explore.”

Mountaineer and rock climber @conradanker shares how he and a team of explorers made their way back to Antarctica with the help of @googleearth → https://t.co/yngeZgOUPc

.@MDLZ se convierte en el primer anunciante de Europa en lanzar una campaña de Audio Ads a través de Display & Video 360. Los resultados hablan por sí solos https://t.co/trnXpF7nv9

.@ymedialabs do an awesome job of breaking down the future impact of AR on you, your business, and the world » https://t.co/kGJK4Ep8EE

.@MDLZ se convierte en el primer anunciante de #Europa en lanzar una campaña de Audio Ads a través de Display & Video 360. Los resultados hablan por sí solos https://t.co/trnXpF7nv9

Make your #GoogleSheets look top notch 👌 by adding dropdown lists to cells and color-coding tasks. Dev Advocate @dontmesswithjo covers Data Validation & Conditional Formatting in a special #SpreadsheetDay edition of G Suite Pro Tips. https://t.co/58OpGtZROb

How to Find Bigger and Better Audiences to Reach Using Google Analytics https://t.co/oMxpXXcXrv /by @MilwaukeePPC for @WordStream #measure

Why is Pixel 3 our most secure phone yet?

✔️ Secure boot process
✔️ Lock screen protection
✔️ Secure transactions

Dive into some of the security enhancements keeping you protected → https://t.co/nUYBUJqxzc

Tapping into what’s current is important. But don’t stop there: Use customized creative to send messages that resonate. https://t.co/faJLKAchUX

We’re getting ready for our big day at #GooglePlaytime — tune-in here tomorrow for latest updates that will help you grow your business on #Android and #GooglePlay.

Listen to @louishyman, associate prof of economic history at @Cornell. His book "Temp: How American Work, American Business, And the American Dream Became Temporary" focuses on how Silicon Valley was built through subcontracted, temp, & undocumented labor https://t.co/alMwQoCM7r

Now with a simple search on the Map, you can find electric vehicle (EV) charging stations near you: 🔋🚘👌 → https://t.co/wNyNb6BUza

Chrome broke @jaffathecake’s website. Or so he claims. Listen to him moan at @DasSurma as it turns out that he was relying on a SVG bug in this #HTTP203.

Watch here → https://t.co/NODIfr9P6Y

Happy #SpreadsheetDay! Today marks the release of the first-ever electronic spreadsheet. 🎉 To celebrate, we're taking it to the ☁️, sharing some of our favorite #GoogleSheets tips.

¡Un programa con vocación de triunfo! 🎉@Premios_Ondas como mejor programa de entretenimiento y fenómeno musical a @OT_Oficial Te contamos los secretos de su éxito https://t.co/PE8BEKMiaY Felicidades @RobertoLealG @tinetr @NoemiGaleraN y todo @Gestmusic #Ondas2018 #OTDirecto17OCT

Lower costs and latency with dual region support from #GoogleCloud. @ZDNetUK explains how customers can pair specific Google Cloud regions, read more 👇


"Enseñar autonomía a los niños pasa por aprender a confiar en ellos" La charla de María Jesús Álava en @AprenderJuntos_ sitúa a @bbva a la cabeza del ranking #YTadsleaderboardES del mes de septiembre https://t.co/bDUJEWp8db

Thanks to everyone who made this year's #PremierPartnerAwards so special. See you at next year's event!

Tener en cuenta las emociones es una de las claves para obtener una experiencia de usuario satisfactoria https://t.co/38yiW35Stn #UX

Thanks to all of the agencies who took part in yesterday's #PremierPartnerAwards! Check out the highlights here 🎉


Integração Contínua e Entrega Contínua tornam mais fácil e rápido a construção, teste e deploy de códigos com segurança e qualidade para os #devs. Veja na demo que rolou no #GoogleNext18 ▶️ https://t.co/4tyHpmYexC

From voice assistance to predicting intent, see what top marketers think will be the next big thing in marketing.

¡Ya tenemos a los ganadores de #YTadsleaderboardEs del mes de septiembre! La creatividad brilla 💡 Felicidades @AprenderJuntos_ #Dodot @yoigo @PUMA y @Milanuncios https://t.co/p5EgVFL7rH

The world of enterprise is constantly evolving, propelling cultural and technological change in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about how technology is changing the traditional workplace. https://t.co/EBX6gVVJYt

Watch @crafty explain what good motion design is to @Mustafa_x
in #desVDev


La #tecnología es cada vez más intuitiva y los usuarios están cambiando su forma de interactuar con ella https://t.co/2jJR4Q0TPM #Búsquedas

Blog 📚 | #AI in motion: designing a simple system to see, understand, and react in the real world https://t.co/YX7IHQ5lw1 #GoogleCloud (Part 2)

#AndroidDevs, have questions about #GooglePlay policies and latest updates?

Join the 'Play Academy Live' on October 25th to learn more on:

- Malicious Behavior
- User Data and Permissions
- Enforcement updates: Policy Coverage

👉 Register here → https://t.co/5h5n6Q5coD

Are podcasts the great untapped resource of #DigitalMarketing? Finding the right partner can open up a big new audience for your brand.

Memperkenalkan Oboe, sebuah library C++ untuk membangun aplikasi audio di Android! Oboe menawarkan latensi serendah mungkin pada 99% perangkat Android.

Tonton untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut → https://t.co/mwB7fdZErc

Building a culture of trust is a powerful way to improve performance. Create high-trust, high-performance teams with the latest research from re:Work » https://t.co/VA0aZfshIZ

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