Walked the dog? Cat gone for a snooze?

How about bringing a wild animal to life from home 🤳🛋️🏡

Simply search 'Tiger' on your phone & hit the 'View in 3D' button ➡️

Like magic, a life-sized beast will appear 🐯

(The cat needn't ever know 👀)

Conoce los principios y pautas seguidas por el equipo de @Google en estos momentos, de la mano de su vicepresidente global de Marketing de Medios, @JoshuaSpanier. Todos los detalles, aquí https://goo.gle/2UImS9t

A look back at the National Days celebrated this past month from around the world. Cheers to Bulgaria, Ghana, Lithuania, Hungary, Tunisia, Greece, & Bangladesh!


If you missed any of our sessions from #GoogleCloudOnBoard #OnAir or you just want to revisit specific sessions, we've got you covered. You can now watch the #GoogleCloudPlatform (#GCP) Fundamentals Series on-demand ➡️ https://goo.gle/2xxxYqb

Memperkenalkan Google Play Asset Delivery! 🕹📬

Sebuah delivery feature baru untuk layanan game yang menyediakan pengiriman secara gratis, & dinamis dimana aset game dikirim dengan cepat, untuk perangkat yang tepat.

Nantikan di sini → https://goo.gle/play-asset-delivery


¿Eres de los que teletrabajan estos días? No esperes más para potenciar al máximo tu trabajo desde casa y hacerlo más entretenido. En este artículo te damos las claves para que puedas hacerlo https://goo.gle/2Un2j3C

✨ Now in Android #12 ✨

Selamat datang di Now in Android, panduan kamu untuk mengenal apa yang baru dan penting dalam dunia pengembangan Android, tersedia dalam format video 📺 dan audio 🎙️ → http://goo.gle/39oLGc8

We asked @TPeltoniemi , executive VP for APAC at @RGA, for his thoughts on AI and machine learning. Check out his 60-second interview to see what he shared → http://bit.ly/3cuyrJD

Demo salah seorang anggota komunitas TensorFlow.js menggunakan bodypix untuk menggabungkan seni dan teknologi video hiphopnya. #MadeWithTFJS

Twitter feed video.Demo salah seorang anggota komunitas TensorFlow.js menggunakan bodypix untuk menggabungkan seni dan teknologi video hiphopnya. #MadeWithTFJS

BodyPix (ResNet) × Perlin Noise test.
#creativecoding #tensorflow #p5js #breakdance

Discover Google News Lab’s top 10 tips for using Google Trends — a free tool to help you keep up with people’s shifting behaviors → https://bit.ly/2yjnCKV

The @WHO is encouraging users to #PlayApartTogether!

Thank you to all of the game makers and players who are staying inside to protect communities around the world.

We've shown you our Data Studio report gallery. @sheetsmarketers also compiled 50+ Data Studio Templates you may find valuable as you plan your next visualization.

Check them out: https://bit.ly/3dFotWu #measure

Help us improve: The Google Analytics education team is always looking for ways to improve how our content can help you get the most out of Analytics.

We'd like your input on how to improve existing content https://bit.ly/2UsYnyb

Descubre cómo atraer más espectadores a tu canal de @YouTube si estás planeando organizar un evento próximamente. Te dejamos la guía más completa, donde sacar el máximo provecho a tu retransmisión https://goo.gle/2QQiX9I

"If you want to turn website visitors into paying customers, you need calls to action that compel them to take that final step."

Are your calls to action working hard enough? https://bit.ly/2JoGIkS /by @VerticalLeap #measure

Ayuda a tu cerebro a trabajar de manera remota. Encuentra en este artículo las claves para agilizar y hacer más llevadero el teletrabajo desde casa. ¡No esperes más! https://goo.gle/3alLVWA

A big congratulations to the finalists of the #GooglePlay Indie Games Festival from Europe, Japan, and South Korea!


Check out these incredible titles → https://goo.gle/33WlRPl

To help teachers working from home here's some #MondayMotivation, useful tips, tools & tricks 🙌

Explore ways to keep students engaged through learning from home 🧑‍🏫

Teach from anywhere 👉 http://grow.google/intl/europe/remote-work#Teachfromanywhere

Que puedas organizar un evento online no quiere decir que sea la mejor opción. En este artículo, @NikkiGarvey, responsable de Anuncios y de Eventos y Experiencias de @YouTube en @Google, nos ofrece su visión al respecto https://goo.gle/3dveTVX

More than ever before, people are searching how to help doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals. They’re working around the clock to help us, stay inside to help them. Learn more → http://google.com/covid19

¿Problemas estos días con tus videollamadas? Descuida, te dejamos algunos consejos para que no te supongan un quebradero de cabeza nunca más https://goo.gle/33NqV8E

Looking to pivot a live event to a digital one? Check out this primer from Google’s own events and experience marketing team. https://goo.gle/39l0j09

📢 Want better control over your Search Console user level preferences? Here you go!
✔️ NEW: Choose whether to show performance data for your property directly in Search results.
✔️ ENHANCED: Choose which types of emails you want to get.

Read more at https://support.google.com/webmasters/topic/9420047

Лучшее, что каждый из нас может сделать в ближайшую неделю, — остаться дома.
Чтобы это время прошло с пользой для вас, мы запустили проект #ДомаВместе на канале YouTube Russia.

Заходите в наши плейлисты и ищите для себя самое интересное! https://bit.ly/3bCp6y2

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