Hey você, que ama tecnologia! Desenvolva seu conhecimento técnico e experimente novas tendências no seu dia a dia no #GoogleCloudSummit 2019. Entre no site do evento, inscreva-se agora e garanta o seu lugar → https://t.co/2AkebzJFFK

Roll it, flip it, twist it, & bake it! 🥨 Thank you to Esther's German Bakery @egrb for flipping & baking the perfect pretzel for our real-life #GoogleDoodle today!

→ https://t.co/WnpnhM8Y8g

In 2000, a green Versace jungle print dress inspired the creation of Google Images. Almost 20 years later, we’re revisiting the fashion moment that changed Search → https://t.co/CrZ1Fen4Wy #VersaceSS20

A for effort, P for pretzels 🥨🙈

Learn the *right* way to flip a pretzel in today’s special #GoogleDoodle video! → https://t.co/WnpnhM8Y8g

Just in time for the start of Oktoberfest, today’s #GoogleDoodle puts a new twist on our logo. 🥨We created this familiar salty treat in collaboration with a German bakery—anyone got a side of mustard? https://t.co/VLknf35laQ

When @BoxedWholesale entered an already saturated market in 2013, it came out a multimillion dollar business. Here’s how. https://t.co/N4KPV6M2Js

Ever wondered what it takes to make a pretzel the German way? 🥨🇩🇪

Today's real-life baked #GoogleDoodle is all about celebrating this delicious snack 😋

To learn more, please visit → https://t.co/Vrhc0k5fgz

Essen einkaufen macht Spaß, Essen wegwerfen tut weh. Wusstet Ihr, dass ⅔ der Lebensmittelabfälle durch richtige Lagerung vermieden werden könnten? Wie das geht, steht im Kapitel “Food” auf https://t.co/Hij765eNeH #GoogleKlimatipp #ClimateAction

Today we celebrate the pretzel with a real-life baked #GoogleDoodle! 🥨

With Oktoberfest in full swing, it's the perfect time to revisit the history of the pretzel, a tale with many twists & turns.

→ https://t.co/WnpnhM8Y8g

Today’s #GoogleDoodle depicts the tricolor flag of Armenia, a Eurasian country founded on one of the world’s oldest civilizations 🇦🇲

Happy Independence Day, Armenia!

→ https://t.co/wFzJOkzZlc

Receba insights de negócios em tempo real de dispositivos espalhados pelo mundo, na borda ou na nuvem, com os serviços abrangentes do @googlecloud IoT → https://t.co/1ObyAzvEBc

Did anyone see how @whatupcal’s “So Cal” music video used #EarthStudio for some nice aerial imagery of Los Angeles?https://t.co/uYtiZlmdmX #SOCAL

The Rugby World Cup kicks off today at Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium! 🏆 Arranged every 4 years since 1987, the tournament is held for in Asia for the first time this year. 1st match: Japan 🇯🇵 vs. Russia 🇷🇺

Good luck to the competing teams!

#GoogleDoodle → https://t.co/0GdwAAYMbe

Watch Michael Ravenwood discuss SkyFire Arts and discuss the challenges and rewards of creating such an entertainment company https://t.co/OD1TyqfjvS

#YTAdsLeaderboardEs Uso de celebrities como @Tamara_Gorro con contenidos de interés, frescos y cercanos para la audiencia con su #UnmakeUpTime de @sephora_spain logran que sea uno de los vídeos más vistos https://t.co/MoksiHp5bW

Are you measuring Relative Mobile Conversion Rate? With visitors moving to mobile, and conversion rates from the device often being lower than on desktop, this might become one of your most important metrics in the future. https://t.co/xQroA51Szd /by @LinaCHansson #measure

We had a blast learning bout math, robotics and photography as part of Keep Kids Creative Week. A big THANK YOU to our partner @DigiBridgeUS for hosting another incredible #FamilyCodeIn with us.

Who's ready for the #GeoForGood19 group photo? Thank you to everyone who joined us this past week! We really couldn't do all of this without you.

#gsuite embraces the future of collaboration and productivity. Find out more about what is and isn’t working for companies today → https://t.co/7CkwVJWYlK

¿Conseguir un incremento del 200% en ingresos? Conoce cómo @My_Saba_es y @elogia lo consiguieron con el programa Mobile Vanguard de Google https://t.co/Jv8iFPqcAI

Simo Ahava is back with another custom tag template for Google Tag Manager. The latest, a User Distributor Custom Tag Template, helps you sample your visitors, or distribute them to different groups of different weights https://t.co/utov5vIWbX /by @SimoAhava #measure

"Be curious and try out anything you find interesting, like Tin Tan!" advises Doodler Gerben Steenks, who created yesterday's #GoogleDoodle celebrating the Mexican entertainer's birthday. "We used an old film projector to add dramatic shadows." 📽️→ https://t.co/ZoiChgG4Mo

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Time to watch the #DevShow 😎✨

📺 Tune in now → https://t.co/XSkz3FqGB5

Make sure your transition from work to vacation is seamless with an out-of-office document for your coworkers. Here's how we can help → https://t.co/SR7tPHpJR0

Wer hat es nicht gerne warm zu Hause? Doch leider blasen wir beim Heizen am meisten Energie (und CO2) durch den Kamin. Durch smarte Thermostate könnten wir bis zu 10% einsparen. Weitere Tipps findet ihr hier: https://t.co/800bbqMn09 #ClimateAction #GoogleKlimatipp

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