In celebration of #WomensHistoryMonth: a #ThrowbackDoodle from 2014 for Dorothy Irene Height, a trailblazer at the forefront of many hard-fought civil rights victories of the 1960s & a powerful champion for social justice & equality.

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Pagi! #CloudStudyJam sedang berlangsung bersama teman-teman Jakarta Kubernetes di kantor Google Indonesia 🙌🏻🙌🏻

One of the top requested features: You can now add recurring events to Tasks. These events will automatically be added to your #GoogleCalendar →

In February, we gave users even more actions in @gmail's right-click context menu.

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Make life less ruff for a loving pup. 🐶🧡

Celebrate #NationalPuppyDay by searching for a shelter near you!

Countdown to the #GoogleCloudOnBoard begins! Register now if you haven't already. For more event related information, click here →

Take a cue from @YouTube creators, and focus on creating content that’s consistent and tailored to your audience's interests.

Terima kasih atas sharing sessionnya, Jason Zaman @perfinion, Christianto, dan teman-teman Deep Learning dan TensorFlow Community Indonesia yang sudah datang! Sampai ketemu di next meet up! 🎉😃

Quem são as pessoas que usam @GCPcloud? A Dr. @alexhanna, Cientista Social Computacional do Google, escreveu um artigo apresentando as "Data Science personas" e explicando porque entendê-las está ajudando o time a criar melhores produtos ↓

Data science personas

Within Google Cloud training, my team and I spend a non-trivial amount of time thinking about the different types of data science teams…

Christianto dari Deep Learning dan TensorFlow Community sedang melakukan demo #TensorFlow Lite ⚡️⚡️

GDE Machine Learning, Jason Zaman @perfinion, sedang menjelaskan tentang community updates dan keuntungan dari TensorFlow Lite.

In light of #WomensHistoryMonth a #ThrowbackDoodle from 2015 in honor of Emmy Noether: the German mathematician who made pioneering contributions in abstract algebra & theoretical physics, all while persevering against discrimination in her line of work →

Happening right now! TensorFlow Viewing Party dengan teman-teman dari Deep Learning dan TensorFlow Community di kantor Google Indonesia 😃

Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates the 106th birthday of artist & author Abidin Dino, known to many as a pioneer of the Turkish avant-garde movement 🇹🇷

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Ever wonder why you're getting so many spam calls?

Paul Dunlop, product manager for the Google Phone App, is here to tell you why–and share tools you can use to say "TTFN, telemarketers" →

🕹️🎮 Os gamers piram 🎮🕹️
O @GMapsPlatform está levando os games mobile a uma nova dimensão. Descubra todas as novidades →

To identify the language used in text within a specified range in #GoogleSheets use DETECTLANGUAGE(text_or_range) → #FormulaFriday

Need to access our accessibility features in @googledocs, #GoogleSheets and #GoogleSlides? Simply click Tools > Accessibility settings →

Jam on it!

And make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to learn the hottest @googlecloud technologies and build a career!

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Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the United States, has fluctuated as Las Vegas expands. On #WorldWaterDay, learn about a new platform enabling countries to freely measure and monitor when and where water is changing:

"Every day we work to answer the question: How can technology play a role in helping newsrooms grow their audiences and build sustainable businesses?"

A chat about media with Olivia Ma, director of Google News Lab →

How @HattonsModels saved 60 hours per week by overcoming ‘data paralysis’ with Google Data Studio /by @alexdsword for @etail #measure

A nuvem é para todos. O Google Cloud oferece soluções para todos os tipos de negócio, inclusive na saúde ⚕️→

Take your coding skills to the next level with #KickStart’s global online programming competition. Register once and participate in up to all eight rounds this year →

On this #FitnessFriday, we are joined by #RonKellum (Artistic Director), #BernardPoirot (Vice President of Casting and Performance), and some of the @Cirque du Soleil performers for a mini-performance and discussion about what goes on behind the scenes

Google Marketing Live is happening May 14th— learn about the latest digital marketing products from Google. For the first time, we'll be live streaming 8+ hours of additional content from the event. Register today. #measure

Pinpoint the desired audience for your app on mobile, auto, wearable, or TV. In this course you'll learn how to target your app distribution by country 🗼, price 💰, device compatibility 📱, & more!

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Writing a pet resume can be ruff. We're here to help with this template for your paw(esome) pooch ↓ #NationalPuppyDay

Almost two-thirds of the world’s population experience severe water scarcity at least one month of the year.

This #WorldWaterDay we've partnered with @UNEnvironment and @EU_ScienceHub to share a new app for monitoring the world's freshwater supply →

This week, @danaditomaso joined @TaliaGw at @getuplift_ for a Google Analytics reports workshop. They recorded the event, and have shared their insights with you. Don't miss it. #measure

Unlock the full potential of new tech, identify your strengths, and plan the future of your agency with the Web of Transformation 🕸

Show off those dawg-some photos of your pup faster on #NationalPuppyDay. Find the images you've stored in Google Drive by describing what's in them ↓

El móvil es un elemento clave en tus estrategias. Conoce cómo afectan los tiempos de carga a las visitas en móvil en este artículo ➡ #MarketingMobile

ICYMI: @googledrive and @googledocs are available in Burmese and Welsh. Check out more #gsuite updates →

Check out the Google Analytics demo account where you can experiment with real metrics from a Google #ecommerce site. Get analyzing →

#BachDoodle Fact: Despite his prolific output, Bach's work wasn't truly appreciated until later generations rediscovered his mastery of counterpoint & fugue during a period in the 1800s known as the "Bach Revival" 🎹

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Watch leading sports lawyer @FootballLaw as he discusses his new book “Done Deal” which explores the issues from pitch to boardroom that shape the modern game and discusses how they impact leagues, clubs, players, and fans

#ML ajuda a resolver alguns dos maiores e mais reais desafios no mundo todo. O @airbnb_br usa @TensorFlow para categorizar milhões de fotos de anúncios, melhorando a experiência dos usuários e com impacto real nos negócios.

A big congratulations are in order! 🎉 Our 2014 Global Finalist, @GuiguiRolland’s start-up, Bescent, has been acquired by fragrance maker, @MaisonBerger_FR. Learn more about his #GoogleScienceFair project and his latest accomplishment ↓

Maison Berger Paris buys Sensorwake olfactory alarm clock maker Bescent

Fragrance maker Maison Berger Paris said it has acquired Bescent, the startup that makes the Sensorwake olfactory alarm clock.

🔥 What’s new in V8 v7.4? Wasm threads/Atomics, private class fields, performance and memory improvements, and much more!

El comportamiento del usuario ha cambiado. Adaptarse a este comportamiento y a la innovación tecnológica es importante para las empresas. Te decimos cómo aquí ➡ #TransformaciónDigital

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