Where do new features come from? 🧐

Take a look at the Blink shipping process behind new Chromium-based browser features with @cwilso and @yoavweiss.

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"A/B testing at its heart is one of the purest methods of using data to make decisions, because we make no assumptions, no calls based on our gut, but rather, put our tests out into the wild..." http://bit.ly/2O3AtoN /by @kevin_rutter for @seerinteractive #measure

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We've got an exciting day full of talks by the Chrome team and community.

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Learn from productivity advisor, Laura Mae Martin, how to restore deleted events in #GoogleCalendar on the latest episode of "The Suite Life" → https://goo.gle/2O3ybG9

Which app, 🎮, 🎞️ or 📖 has defined your year? #GooglePlayBestOf is celebrating these fan favorites! Tell us who gets your Users’ Choice vote of 2019: https://goo.gle/2NGxJig

#YouTube Expande las oportunidades de tu negocio conociendo los datos clave de la plataforma que no puede faltar en tu #EstrategiadeMarketing https://bit.ly/317UnDS. Compártenos tu opinión y cómo lo ejecutan en tu empresa.

Дождливый ноябрь — еще не повод сидеть дома! Провести время с пользой и удовольствием можно в одном из музеев твоего города, а #Google_Карты помогут решить проблему с очередями. Планируй свой досуг, ориентируясь на загруженность заведений в разное время дня.

Começou hoje a primeira conferência latino-americana de profissionais de #IA em parceria com @Khipu_AI. Clique aqui e acompanhe esse encontro via streaming → https://goo.gle/2Xd9N99

Comparte la gran aventura de Miss International Growth ayudando a @Packlink_esp en su proceso de internacionalización. Si quieres conocer más, pincha aquí http://bit.ly/2qMAUf2 #MarketFinder

.@krabhishek & Sudharshan Srinivasan, #GoogleCloud experts, delivered a highly engaging Roundtable on 'Reimagining Innovation with Google Cloud & #Apigee' at #GartnerSYSM today. Find out more → https://goo.gle/2K0ygsN

La capacidad de reclutar talento en nuevos mercados de exportación, requiere la contratación de talento internacional en los canales apropiados ¿Qué opinas sobre esto? Tu opinión nos importa http://bit.ly/2qWJKqL #MarketFinder

Currently, the fashion industry accounts for 20% of wastewater and 10% of carbon emissions globally. 👖👗🧦 Read about our new pilot aiming to measure the environmental impact of the fashion industry: https://goo.gle/2pehejW

Si buscas una manera de hacer crecer a tu empresa, la internacionalización es una opción a tener en cuenta. @canomanuel Head of Digital & Multichannel en @GileadSciences lo explica en este artículo https://bit.ly/32rk7LU #MarketFinder. ¡Dale me gusta si ya lo haces!

3️⃣ reasons why you need to use data warehouse automation (DWA) platform + 7️⃣ DWA platform vendors comparison → https://goo.gle/2Kd6edK #GCPmigration

Learn how Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM), one of #GoogleCloud’s recommendation engines, uses #ML to suggest ways to optimize infrastructure and security settings → https://goo.gle/2NCSN95

Walk into our Google Cloud Analytics & AI Lab at #GartnerSYM and talk to our #GoogleCloud experts to find out how to easily deploy #GoogleCloudAI tools across your organization → https://goo.gle/2K0ygsN

Did you know that nearly anything you can do in #GoogleSheets with a mouse and a keyboard, you can reproduce in code using #AppsScript? Rachel Katz can show you how: https://goo.gle/2KeIfLr

Join the conversation on building machine learning systems with @GoogleAI 💬👩‍💻💻

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¿Sabías que las búsquedas relacionadas con #BlackFriday se concentran en los 15 días previos? Descubre más insights en este artículo https://bit.ly/2MtixmO. RT 👇 para que tus seguidores también lo sepan.

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Day 1 sessions will be available here → https://goo.gle/cds19

❓Send us your #AskChrome questions for tomorrow!❓

See you on the day 2 livestream! → https://goo.gle/CDS19Day2

The web is an incredibly powerful platform, but there’s still a capabilities gap between web and native apps.

@Snugug covers some of the new, exciting standards that are coming to solve this, and what you can start using today!

Live #ChromeDevSummit → https://goo.gle/CDS19Day1

Talking about PWA and the installable Web!

Users can install web experiences to their device's home screen or desktop with ease. ✔️

@b1tr0t and @samthor explore the options for installed web experiences from browsers all the way to the Play Store. → https://goo.gle/CDS19Day1

👩‍🎨 Next Gen Web Styling 😎
12 fantastic, futuristic features

New CSS features in browsers & Houdini have made web styling even more important.

@Una & @argyleink share the latest styling techniques to build a fast & beautiful web UX.

Tune in now → https://goo.gle/CDS19Day1

Amongst all the app platforms, only the web doesn't really make good use of threads.

Instead, everything is on the main thread and it's struggling to keep up!

@DasSurma explains why this is bad and how we can do it differently. 💡

Watch now → https://goo.gle/CDS19Day1

More music to more people 🎸⚡️

Meet @GoogleDevExpert and musician @hitherejoe. He created an #accessible and smart guitar called Chord Assist to make learning and jammin’ out accessible to all music lovers! #IamaGDE

Watch his story → https://goo.gle/gdejb

CRO Expert @mildfrenzy of @thetrainline: "When analysing the site on our own for experiment ideas, we pretty much do anything we fancy... diving into data from our analytics packages to validate insights where possible." http://bit.ly/2NDh3YF #measure


Adaptive Loading seeks to improve the user-experience for millions on low-end devices. @addyosmani & @n8Schloss explore how to deliver delightful experiences regardless of your device type.

Tune in here → https://goo.gle/CDS19Day1


Qual é a diferença entre o @gsuite e os aplicativos gratuitos do #Google? Um usuário pode ter vários endereços de e-mail? Tire suas dúvidas aqui → https://goo.gle/2rzZErp

Measuring Effectiveness: "Before determining measurable information, analysing historical data can be useful to establish baselines and seasonal trends, against which we can benchmark the performance of the new project." http://bit.ly/2Q8CTVS /by @HMADigital #measure

#AskChrome is being livestreamed now! Tune in to get answers to all your Chrome related questions.

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🚀Speed tooling evolutions 🚀

Build and maintain a fast experience for all your users.

@egsweeny and @paul_irish cover the latest user-centric metrics in our tools, and how to leverage the newest features!

Live at #ChromeDevSummit → https://goo.gle/CDS19Day1

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