With the recent acquisition of #CornerstoneTechnologies, we are now able to support our customers more in migrating their mainframe workloads to #GoogleCloud. Here's how it works: https://goo.gle/37XWmhd

Da un paso hacia adelante, vende por todo el mundo gracias a #MarketFinder. Accede a la web, cuéntanos algo sobre tu empresa y comienza tu #internacionalización.

Mengapa kamu perlu menggunakan tampilan baru #Jetpack binding library:

🔎 Menggantikan findViewByld
⌨️ Nulis kode yang ringkas, aman dengan @Kotlin
dan Java
🥵 Lebih sedikit boilerplate

Tonton @objcode → http://goo.gle/31VY29p

Baca juga blognya → http://goo.gle/38re4L5

Calling all #Techmakers!

@WomenTechmakers invites you to apply for the Women’s Online Safety India Hackathon in Bangalore on Mar 14.

The #WTMHackathon aims to create technical solutions to solve problems of women’s safety online👩‍💻

Apply here 👉 http://bit.ly/india-hackathon-apply

Tanto si vendes online como en tienda física, haz un análisis rápido y sencillo de tu sitio web para dar un impulso a tu negocio. Accede ahora. http://bit.ly/39Oari

How to use Google Sheets to build a paid marketing Google Data Studio report http://bit.ly/2PmcQsR /by @Margo_Cleveland for @adstage #measure

Today we're celebrating Katherine Johnson, the most searched @NASA mathematician in U.S. Google Trends history, and an inspiration for future history makers throughout the universe.

Attn Admins 📣: You can now view a timeline of when users joined a call and events that took place during the call in the Meet Quality Tool → https://goo.gle/37Ne9aD

"La educación, no solo tiene que hacernos más listos, sino también mejores personas". Conoce a través de @BBVA_espana @AprenderJuntos_ la historia del maestro José Antonio Fernández Bravo con el que se sitúa en el primer puesto de nuestro #YouTubeAdsLeaderboard de enero.

Las páginas web deberían ser una prioridad tanto para los minoristas onlines como para aquellos multicanal. Evalúa tu web con #GrowMyStore y mejora la experiencia de tus usuarios.

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Featured in a recent #GoogleDoodle, Brazilian psychiatrist Nise da Silveira helped reimagine rehabilitative methods.

Which co-therapists did she incorporate into her practice?

🔎 →

Nise da Silveira's 115th Birthday

Nise da Silveira's 115th Birthday! #GoogleDoodle


Looking to upgrade to an App + Web property, so you can combine data from mobile apps and websites together?

This help center article guides you through the process, so you can get started: http://bit.ly/3c4OqxS #measure

We are heartbroken by the loss of Katherine Johnson. Her legacy of grit, bravery, intelligence, and resilience will continue to stay with us forever.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends, and with our team in and the people of Huntsville, Alabama. ❤️

Twitter feed video.We are heartbroken by the loss of Katherine Johnson. Her legacy of grit, bravery, intelligence, and resilience will continue to stay with us forever. 

Our thoughts are with her family and friends, and with our team in and the people of Huntsville, Alabama. ❤️

With slide rules and pencils, Katherine Johnson’s brilliant mind helped launch our nation into space.

No longer a Hidden Figure, her bravery and commitment to excellence leaves an eternal legacy for us all: https://youtu.be/E8wBJ71zJ34

✅ Choose the right environment
✅ Use your phone for audio
✅ Adjust call layout

Check out these 6️⃣ tips on working from home with #HangoutsMeet → https://goo.gle/2T9Ag62

💸Integrate Google Pay into an existing web project!

Improve the checkout experience of a sample online store by creating a faster and safer experience. #GooglePayDevs

💠Codelab💠 → https://goo.gle/2UZ27Z3

Watch Barber Beaumont Professor of the Humanities Quentin Skinner give a very short introduction to Machiavelli, focusing on his best-known work “The Prince” https://youtu.be/CKGuzJ6GwHM

Anyone know where to get one of those big red chairs? Asking for a friend.

Stream #TheVoice premiere TONIGHT (!!) at 8/7c on @nbc.

"Old Town Road" by @LilNasX is #TheMostSearched remix in U.S. Google Trends history. Explore more trailblazers → http://g.co/blackhistorymonth

Security comes first: Here are 10 ways #ChromeEnterprise can help you keep your team and your business secure: https://goo.gle/2HUAqZu #Cybersecurity

#CloudSecurityBasics: Did you know, hackers have three ways in to your organisation:
🧍 Man-in-the-Middle
⚠️ DDoS exploits
🎣 Phishing

Let's talk through how we're protecting your data: https://goo.gle/32p7emR

Ahora expandir las fronteras de tu negocio es sencillo gracias a #MarketFinder. ¿No lo has probado aún? Pincha en este enlace y comienza tu camino hacia la #internacionalización

The team at @switchboardLGBT has supported its community since the 1970s. With the help of 200+ volunteers and #gsuite, this organization has maintained keeping its helpline on for 12 hours a day, every day 🏳️‍🌈 → https://goo.gle/2v843DU

🤖 #AIAdventures: Yufeng takes you though TPU v2 and v3 architecture, how they work, and how you can use them to power your #machinelearning: https://goo.gle/37Ymlot

⚠️ Just one week left to submit your indie masterpiece to the #PlayIndie Games Festival!

Don't miss your chance to win Play Store placements, marketing support, and lots more.

Submit your game today → https://g.co/play/indiefestival

Diversity and inclusion is a topic that continues to shape the future of marketing. To help inspire change in your organization, here are go-to resources. https://goo.gle/32gg5qX

La ciberseguridad de dispositivos, redes y plataformas es el gran desafío de este mundo interconectado. Pon al día tu #ciberseguridad. http://bit.ly/2tOmiOj

Remember this show?
| |
| |
.= ____________=.
____ ____
--| | — | |--
—— ——
# —— #

Hint: The prequel’s tonight.

When it comes to travel, needs-based bookings are more valuable than price-based ones. Discover more in our latest global research: http://bit.ly/2tvwA5C

The best creative is tailored for the right moment, person, and platform — and that all starts with first-party data. @martinsorrell explains why personalization at scale is crucial for today’s brands →

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