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Learn more about #KickStart and register before the next round → https://t.co/seGEYEVFeH

#Travel ¿Cómo busca el usuario información sobre su próximo viaje? ¿Qué dispositivo se usa? ¿Cuál es el comportamiento del usuario? Conócelo en este artículo https://t.co/1NWWWmkUY1

Case study: How @BounteousData helped @PBS deepen their audience understanding for nationwide public broadcasting, using Google Analytics 360, BigQuery and Google Cloud Platform: https://t.co/fHS4JUM1TA #measure

Our partnership with @hpe has expanded to offer a new solution: Hybrid Cloud for Containers, as a service. Learn more via @datacenter ↓

Did you know it took 400,000 people and a decade to get the first man to the moon? There’s tons to learn about the moon landing in @googleartsculture. Commence #Apollo50th facts countdown → https://t.co/zLtdMl0N7z

Quer descobrir um pouco sobre o dia a dia do @googlecloud? Confira sobre como conseguimos segurança em escala com o poder da computação em nuvem → https://t.co/t3j7psmALz

Optimize: When building digital experiences, the most important factor for consumers is finding what they're looking for fast. Shift your focus to clarity in navigation and site search and customers will most likely respond positively. https://t.co/fnKu2mTTpi #measure

Hiring your first employee is a big step for a small business 👥. Learn how #gsuite tools like @gmail, @googlecalendar and @googledocs can help → https://t.co/QRFKNKdxLJ

Watch child psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Salk discuss his book - which was co-written with his father who developed the first effective polio vaccine - @ANewRealityBook which discusses how we can survive and evolve through a shift in our values and behavior https://t.co/S4XqQXkWQe

Discover how @davidmonti, founder of @thebeelinguapp, is single-handedly building a successful subscriptions business on @GooglePlay while traveling the world.

Watch here → https://t.co/I2myhCSraV

Earth to all space explorers: Test your lunar knowledge and explore extraterrestrial wonders with a new quiz and tours in Google Earth → https://t.co/RnDS4Z9TEt #Apollo50th

"Invertir tiempo en entender cuáles son las emociones que nos mueven es fundamental si queremos que las personas a las que nos dirigimos nos tengan en cuenta" by @ilchacho de @LOLAmullenlowe

Find out how frontline workers conquer technology challenges with #ChromeEnterprise, via @menaka, Global Marketing Head of Emerging Business for Google Cloud → https://t.co/vbszgcH0Wk

Using Firebase, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager for Your Mobile App Measurements https://t.co/OavZuSz3Kk /via @InfoTrustLLC #measure

Entender todos los principios de #TransformaciónDigital es imprescindible para las marcas. Descubre las claves para terminar el año con éxito. https://t.co/cgiFeubWQS

#Google_Ассистент научился читать стихи голосами звезд! Чтобы услышать произведения русской классики в исполнении Александра Гудкова, Юрия Стоянова, Анатолия Белого, Валерии, Manizha, Александра Цыпкина, Кирилла Иванова и ST, просто скажи: «Окей, Google! Прочитай стихотворение».

50 years ago today, the Saturn V rocket launched en route to the moon. Learn more about the historic Apollo 11 mission: https://t.co/PPz3QcSr25 #Apollo50th

Descubre cómo las marcas pueden aprovechar hábitos de consumo audiovisual de los espectadores españoles para crear las mejores planificaciones. Infórmate aquí https://t.co/TFoRt6phr1

Being part of the cultural zeitgeist takes grit. Learn how these three brands achieved success by collaborating with YouTube creators. https://t.co/8ZdDUhzrSW

50 Jahre Mondlandung – in wenigen Tagen feiert die Raumfahrtmission #Apollo11 Jubiläum. Bei @GoogleEarth könnt ihr jetzt die Geschichte hinter der historischen Weltraummission als virtuelle Tour erleben 🚀🚀🚀

Despite the increasing demand for workers with science, tech & maths skills, only 30% of female students study these areas.

To tackle this, Googlers across Europe are working with schools to encourage young women to study science and maths. 👩‍💻👩‍🏫👩‍🔬→ https://t.co/rVGkxY5xAp

6 new experts join the #GoogleDeveloperExpert community! Meet

@labnol, our 1st expert for GSuite
@cammykamal, our 1st expert for Google Assistant
@adityapatawari for Google Cloud Platform
@AkshayBahadur3 & Abhishek Kumar for #ML
@sravi_kira for Web

Congratulations! 🤩🎊

If you're looking for a great SAP story, look no further: Discover how Metro consolidated 100 @SAP instances on Google Cloud for lower costs, greater efficiency, and improved customer experience with #ML → https://t.co/2IbFbw7Rlk

One of Southeast Asia's busiest trading ports from the 15th to the 19th centuries, Hội An has remained largely unchanged since then.

Today's #GoogleDoodle celebrates the lantern festival in this unique city designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. → https://t.co/obAue4qqKr

BigQuery is Google Cloud’s serverless, highly scalable, low-cost enterprise data warehouse designed to make all data analysts productive. Learn more on the benefits of #BigQuery in contrast to traditional on-premises data warehouses https://t.co/yWdy7ANEw8

Conseguir las máximas conversiones en mobile es más fácil de lograr que extender la toalla y que no tenga arena. Aprende un nuevo #Tip de #ExperienciadeUsuario https://t.co/Xy2RC7mfVD

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