Heading to watch the game? ⚽🧣🥧 Use saved places in #GoogleMaps to help make sure you don't miss kick-off - https://t.co/vWeF2gmkCg

Looking to impart your tech knowledge? @blrdroid is the community for you!

The largest & oldest #Android dev community in India, the attendees give 'Flash Talks' during the meetups! Hear Alam in this episode of #CommunityPeCharcha

Join BlrDroid → https://t.co/dANZcUPQIe

Create highly customizable, comprehensive and scalable reports with this #gsuite and #BigQuery integration → https://t.co/OHxmGZO7rL

We're committed to removing barriers for the adoption of technologies for healthcare interoperability. Learn more → https://t.co/Yw3Rpwzzfl

We're adding section layouts to Sites so you can quickly design pages or sections of pages. https://t.co/kZmGuqOcHu

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for #PartnersConnect on Automotive! What was your favorite part? Share your feedback with us » https://t.co/3UhrAm1tBv

How Google Optimize Can Dramatically Improve Your AdWords: https://t.co/SRGAWiUZna /by @IgniteV #measure

It got crazy in our San Francisco and Chicago offices talking with @HenryGolding and director @JonMChu about their new film #CrazyRichAsians Check out our talk with them before you see the film ➡️ https://t.co/TQRsAEuyEj

.@HerAgenda founder & CEO @NeshasAgenda, talks about knowing self-worth and when it’s time to walk away from an opportunity without regret https://t.co/emGNYQ3KsZ

This week searchers paid R-E-S-P-E-C-T to a legend. See more trends from this week, with extra soul → https://t.co/vkpC5jBkgg

Maximizing Conversion Value with Marketing Analytics and Machine Learning /via @cspenn @trustinsights #measure

Com o #CloudFunctions, você pode processar arquivos em tempo real respondendo a eventos do Cloud Storage ➜ https://t.co/vZgPYuYEWZ

Calculated Fields in Google Data Studio - Whiteboard Friday https://t.co/GHhqFo5Ogy /via @danaditomaso and @Moz #measure

#ML and security keys are preventing security risks such as:

✓ Phishing attacks in @gmail
✓ G Suite login hijackings

Learn more → https://t.co/zPLFqeSE3T

Introducing Commonly Used Metrics and Dimensions in Google Analytics reporting https://t.co/fviA9xuYfv /by @kristaseiden #measure

Press ▶️ to mix it up for the compact disc, which was first commercially produced on this day in 1982. Rad.

Take a look at beautiful Bahrain through the photography of Jaina Mistry in the 'Bahrain in Photos' collection. Jaina uses light and colors in a wonderful way to bring this collection together.

Scene: 6 hours into coding at 2am
Me: 'I don't need sleep, I need answers' 😂
#Dev #DevHumor (Via @Reddit)

Generate a recurring revenue stream from your app with subscriptions. Read this guide for actionable tips on acquiring and retaining your subscribers.

💳 Subscriptions best practices → https://t.co/PCltSNezmz


The Complete Google Analytics Account Setup and Optimization Guide https://t.co/PN1KZhJEf7 /by @jeffalytics #measure

We've added new features for the release of Chrome Enterprise 69 which includes dictation as a separate accessibility feature, support of popular editors and command-line tools and more → https://t.co/pF7KOKYUAs

.@Grazitti are big early adopters of tech, and they showed off their editing skills in a really cool #WeArePartners entry 📸

Power your compute-intensive workloads including #ML inference & 3D visualization with the NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPU, now on Compute Engine → https://t.co/pV5n9aD35F #GoogleCloud

When you make big changes in your processes or your agency, what's most important to keep in mind? Let us know in this week's #PartnersPoll ✅

Marketers must think beyond points and freebies to come up with new ways to earn travelers’ loyalty. https://t.co/vckoj5tTLO

.@zdenulo explores #Cloud #SQL as storage in this @medium blog post: https://t.co/KjN9iAV1ls #GoogleCloud

From education to agriculture, #AI is being used to revolutionize businesses in every industry. Here’s how our new products and tools can be used to do just that → https://t.co/stUNfnc8Ab

🌉@guy_needham wrote about predicting San Francisco bikeshare availability with TensorFlow and LSTMs by using #MachineLearning and #GoogleCloud: https://t.co/zEp6AfV4ox #GCP

Inviting computer science & engineering students to sign-up for the 7th #MobileDeveloperFest in Chennai to #GiveCodeAShot on August 23 and 24, 2018

Join the waitlist here → https://t.co/brFyR6z1kY

Fortify your campaigns with interactive graphs and curated insights from Google’s Consumer Barometer » https://t.co/LfUGLuUV5x

Google Code to Learn competition allows kids across India to showcase their app skills using simple tools like Scratch and App Inventor to build their apps.

Visit →

Watch now: https://t.co/dgoPlzxhS1

La comunicación mediante #audio cobra cada vez más importancia ¿Estás preparado? https://t.co/T0DCuirzac #Estrategia #BrandSafe

.@ToddWheatland knows that your uniqueness is your superpower. So embrace your quirks, and don’t let others’ opinions knock your confidence!

Looking for fun algorithmic challenges and a chance to grow your coding skills? #CodeJamKickstart has got you covered.

Learn more and check out the next round happening on August 26th ➡️ https://t.co/4iKq4DQk21

From education to agriculture, #AI is being used to revolutionize businesses in every industry. Here’s how our new products and tools can be used to do just that → https://t.co/r10pQrPlwu

In July, we introduced a new @google sign-in screen. Read our latest newsletter to see what else you may have missed → https://t.co/rSHdu1C6Fr

DYK you can draw and edit jams, right from your mobile device? Check out more Jamboard updates here → https://t.co/RHvY45nhFd

Companies in Asia find success by being daring, bold, and aware of cultural nuances. See more tips from strategist @MartinRoll for breaking into the APAC market → https://t.co/gH4LACUNlr

Explore this interactive online course and master your Digital Sales skills in just two hours » https://t.co/ICiwzzidRD

Big data and artificial intelligence are helping manage fish populations and protect critical marine habitats by identifying and tracking the journeys of fishing vessels. Learn what's new with @globalfishwatch https://t.co/QvXmglFZ5W

💗 Love (and flocks of magpies) are in the air today 🕊 Happy #Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese #Valentines Day 💗
→ https://t.co/94j4GDm44m

Get more out of Google Ads with #PartnersExpert @MicaSpecialties' overview of Recommendations: an entire section dedicated to helping you improve your campaigns » https://t.co/I3gzl8ridt

✔️ it out: You can add checkboxes to cells in a spreadsheet → https://t.co/CFL0mY2Drb

G Suite Training Chrome extension: Simple and interactive lessons to help your organization get started with our tools. https://t.co/UL0GZTQF6z

Você pode ter o seu próprio servidor de #Game no #GoogleClould graças à tecnologia #Kubernetes. 🕹️ Entenda a tecnologia que está por trás disso: https://t.co/fO7PKQkvtK

This week on #DevShow, @retomeier covers the coolest news from Google, including the #Android9 Pie release, custom site performance reports with CrUX, the Dart 2 stable release, and more!

Watch here → https://t.co/zQr45Ci02t

No longer just a mainstay of science fiction, #VirtualReality has seen recent success with many companies, but little is known about its history, which reaches back decades. @dewalt's newest book delves into where it's been and how it will change our lives https://t.co/MgV8z12Tli

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