A #GoogleDoodle celebrating Cải Lương! A style of modern South Vietnamese folk opera, cải lương blends traditional & contemporary influences to create a vibrant expression of the nation's culture & identity.

Learn more → http://goo.gle/37FyIWB

How much do Asia’s mobile #gamers love to compete? Just look at the most popular titles and genres across the region — esports is the name of the game. Learn more in the final installment of our series with Niko Partners: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-apac/consumer-insights/for-the-win-breaking-down-the-preferences-of-asias-mobile-gamers/?utm_source=twg_twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=23092020-apac-mobile-gaming-preferences-socialtwitter

🥳 Thank you for the birthday wishes. You can still celebrate with us using the code GOOGLEBDAY22 off selected devices →

🥳️ We're feelin' 22!

What once started as a bold mission to make a universally accessible and useful search engine, has become much more. Today we celebrate @Google's 22nd birthday.

Retailers @lululemon, @Petco, and @Ariat share how they accelerated digital innovation over the past 6 months and how they’ll be using these strategies for the upcoming holiday season. https://goo.gle/345YGTw


Learn how to train, classify & deploy models with #ML

Track 2: Machine Learning

Say Hi👋to the speakers:
Beginner-@shweta_bhatt8 & @Savvyjain
Intermediate-@geeky_bhavani & @sentenwin
Advance-@URengaraju & @AkshayBahadur3

Know more👉https://devfestindia.com/

Why shouldn't every day feel like your birthday?🥳

The first 2000 to pre-order the new #Pixel4a in the UK are receiving their phones today with a special surprise, just in time to celebrate Google's birthday🎈

Check out how @Callux celebrated with his→http://goo.gle/33aReat

Celebrate Google’s 22nd birthday with us on the Google Store with 22% off on selected devices. Enter code GOOGLEBDAY22 at checkout. Visit the Google Store → https://store.google.com/gb/

Marketing mix models can help understand how your overall #channelmix is working in driving incremental sales for your brand. Here’s what we discovered when we ran an MMM to examine how #YouTube performs compared to other channels and platforms → http://goo.gle/3c3411h

Data Studio quick tip from @mightyhive's @JulienCoquet

How to set the entire color scheme for a Google Data Studio dashboard by importing an image.

Video: https://bit.ly/3cuq41b #measure

Google’s @Speroman and his team are on a mission to help businesses meet their consumers where they are, whether online or in stores. Here’s how. https://goo.gle/34f6mTx

People are getting eager at the prospect of resuming #travel plans. In our recent survey with @Kantar, find out how consumers are turning to #digital sources for information on traveling safely, post-#COVID-19. Get the insights → https://goo.gle/33VA93g

Learn and Lead with #JuaraGCP 🥳 mari bergabung dan pelajari masa depan teknologi Cloud bersama

💬@wescpy, Google Cloud
💬Wisu Suntoyo, Google Cloud
💬Rachmawati & Angga, Partisipan #JuaraGCP
💬Yuandra Ismiraldi, Moderator

🔴LIVE Hari ini, 1️⃣ PM → http://goo.gle/333MB1R

Which metrics should you include in a marketing report? More than 60 marketing leaders talked to @databoxHQ to weigh in on the most important ones to include and why.

34 Marketing Metrics to Include in Every Marketing Report https://bit.ly/306MCQu /by @inkandcopy #measure

"As the owner of a business website, you want traffic growth... You want to make sure you have as much useful information about your traffic as possible."

How to Use UTM Parameters for Traffic Growth https://bit.ly/36kZKWn /by @AlisonK_Consult #measure

Hearing “now more than ever” now...more than ever? We turned to Google Books Ngram viewer, which lets you graph the usage of words over time, to find out if we’re really saying “now more than ever” more than ever → http://goo.gle/3cvBQby

Explore in AR for #WorldTourismDay this weekend. @GoogleArts partnered with @CyArk to launch 37 cultural heritage sites on Search—learn about the 10,000 destinations you can virtually visit → http://goo.gle/3kKYUWD

O @Google se desafiou: estipulou a meta de chegar em 2030 com todas as operações, em todos os lugares e a todo tempo, rodando com energia livre de carbono. Saiba como o #GoogleCloud pode ajudar a sua empresa a reduzir impactos ambientais também → https://goo.gle/3kTSx3z

"In this post I’m excited to highlight new templates, covering Use Cases and Industries, as well as a couple of newer techniques now available in App+Web Analysis."

New Templates in App+Web Analysis https://bit.ly/3mPkKdn /by @kristaseiden #measure

Com o #GSuite, a varejista de El Salvador @simanelsalvador conseguiu gerenciar remotamente suas atividades em 4 países da América Central. O #Meet foi peça-chave para o sucesso. Venha conhecer esta solução → https://goo.gle/309EYEX

Have you downloaded the #NHSCOVID19app for England and Wales yet? The more of us who download it, the safer we can all be. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

📱The app is free in the Play and App Store

Twitter feed video.Have you downloaded the #NHSCOVID19app for England and Wales yet? The more of us who download it, the safer we can all be. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

📱The app is free in the Play and App Store

The faster you know, the quicker you can protect your loved ones. What are your reasons for downloading the #NHSCOVID19app?

📱 Download now from:

➡️ Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.nhs.covid19.production

➡️ Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/nhs-covid-19/id1520427663

Find out more: https://covid19.nhs.uk

New week. New #DevShow.

This week, @stephenfluin is bringing you updates on Cloud SQL serverless exports, new Google Cloud management tools, TensorFlow Lite for NLP, and more!

📺 Watch now → https://goo.gle/3cuA8Hk

Constantly creating custom reports with large data sets can be complex and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here's how to automate custom reports with the help of #GoogleSheets and BigQuery → https://goo.gle/3i0RnkD

New Podcast Alert - the Search for Racial Equity. In this episode, we talk with Professor Andrew Jolivétte who shares the impact that colonization had on indigenous people but argues that healing is possible through radical love https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/16095374?stats-code=twitter

Presenting the results of the Instance Level Recognition Workshop from #ECCV20, including a discussion of the new DELG model for ILR, new resources and open-sourced code bases, and two challenges for landmark recognition and retrieval tasks. More → https://goo.gle/2FTESdY

App + Web properties in Google Analytics improve your understanding of the customer journey so you can take action on valuable insights. Check out our four step guide to get started → http://goo.gle/350kPof

Watch philosopher, award-winning author, and respected international faith leader @rabbisacks discuss his latest book "Morality" which explores our elevation of self-interest over the common good and challenges us to develop a more inspiring global vision https://youtu.be/os2z4jbuuV4

El 50% de los consumidores que planea realizar un viaje se decanta por destinos donde se respete la distancia social. Flexibilidad y seguridad son los términos más sonados en la nueva realidad del #sectorturístico. Puedes conocerla aquí: https://goo.gle/3iI1vA7

British singer @fkatwigs dives into the story of Artemisia Gentileschi, the female painter who fought the patriarchy back in the 17th century...and won.

Get up close to the art on this episode of #ArtZoom with @googlearts and @nationalgallery → http://goo.gle/ArtZoomFKAtwigs

Stop by and stay for a tile 🔲. Now users can see up to 49 other callers, including themselves, in #GoogleMeet. More info → https://goo.gle/3cw5Y6v

Get ready for the new Face Transform module

See how the MediaPipe team is combining the Face Mesh solution with real-time AR via the new Face Transform module. Read more on how they align virtual 3D assets to build a fun face filter effect.

Dive in → https://goo.gle/3i2U9pQ

Data Studio Update: You can now control how missing data in your pivot tables appear.

Similar to standard tables, when data is missing from the pivot table, you can choose to show blanks, hyphens, or the words "no data."

https://bit.ly/3i1m615 #measure

You’re invited to Google Assistant Developer Day!

Join the Google Assistant team on October 8th at 10am PST to see the new features and best practices to help integrate Google Assistant into your Android apps.

Register here → https://goo.gle/32Tdllt

This summer, we shared tips for your next road trip. Now that you’re back, you can pay it forward for others.

Share reviews and photos that made your road trip memorable. A few more tips → http://goo.gle/roadtrip

We are committed to providing the public sector with the best technology to help improve government services & increase operational effectiveness. Learn how we contribute to the responsible and beneficial use of technology at #GoogleCloudNext https://goo.gle/2S0z4BO

La experiencia de usuario lo es todo, especialmente en dispositivos móviles. Inspírate con este nuevo #CasoDeÉxito de @Sephora 💄: https://goo.gle/3msaMyB

How can marketers best drive gaming app installs? It starts with tapping into the motivations behind why people game and how they do it. Dive into the research. https://goo.gle/3iXyEYG

🥳🎤 Looking for some feel-good music to get your weekend started? Just ask Google to turn on our favourite radio station, hands-free

Say "Hey Google, play Heart" to listen to @thisisheart on @GlobalPlayer 📻

#HeyGoogle #GlobalPlayer

La transformación digital ha llegado para quedarse, y en el sector #retail lo saben muy bien. Te contamos cómo se está preparando y algunas previsiones, en base al estudio realizado con la colaboración de @Euromonitor: https://goo.gle/3kzwH5f

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