OK, last one on SCOTUS for now

My wife's birth certificate name is Amanda, but her family calls her Amy.

So why didn't they call her Amy on her birth certificate?

Because her mother thought that no one would ever become a SCOTUS Justice if their name was Amy

Anyone have a scorecard of when SCOTUS justices did NOT vote the way you'd expect them to given common understanding of their political views at nomination? Some (Stephens/Warren) moved politically while on the bench, but I don't see that in any appointments since the 80s

I often enjoy following people with whom I don’t agree. Sometimes I even learn more from them than I do from the echo chamber of like-mindedness. #election2020

we can’t always control governments & politics, but what we CAN control is how we interact with each other one person at a time, one smile at a time, one pair of #pinksocks at a time. http://pinksocks.life 🎁🌍💖😊 keep doing that!✨

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