Just saw the @MaradonaMovie on the plane. Like its subject it's not perfect but it is remarkable. Both for the sheer amount of footage they found, the constant physical crush he had surrounding him, and what a Shakespearean tragic hero he was /1

I’m honored by the follow Minister Speranza! We all look to your leadership and inspiration in a time of exponential innovation in #healthcare and medicine @robersperanza #MeridianoSanità @Ambrosetti_ #Italy #innovation @ValerioDeMolli

Building a grand alliance to tackle #healthcare—a social, scientific, and political perspective to address this critical global issue. —Roberto Speranza, Italian Minister of Health. @robersperanza @ValerioDeMolli #MeridianoSanità @Ambrosetti_ #Italy #medicine

A brilliant conference leveraging Italy’s strengths and resources to transform #healthcare around the world! @ValerioDeMolli @robersperanza #MeridianoSanita @Ambrosetti_ @SanofiIT @msdsalute @Amgen #DigitalHealth #innovation #Italy

The race to replace smartphones with smart glasses👓
But will consumers wear them?
by @RoboTodd in @CNBCtech


I believe this: AI will help doctors, not replace them
in @sciam


“Is it Friendly?” But who is talking? Today you might think it’s the human. But the future will put into question the truth, reproducibility, and reliability of people (doctors) as tech becomes a new and unique standard. #DigitalHealth #MeridianoSanita @Ambrosetti_ #HealthTech

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