We analyzed nearly 100 ways digital identification can be used in both emerging and mature economies. Here’s what we learned https://t.co/chfWvdNA2w

Looking for the best deals? We have you covered. Sign up and get Gadget Lab’s picks of the best gear on sale. https://t.co/Fgqx5RHEWz #readhappy

Google has started an unusual AI experiment. If you instruct its virtual assistant to “talk like a Legend,” it will speak in a simulacrum of the smooth sound of Grammy-winning crooner @JohnLegend.

Think you can tell the real Legend from the fake? https://t.co/mbu1ZB4jgp

The Samsung Galaxy Fold's problems may not be solved anytime soon. A teardown of the device by phone repair company iFixit shows two big areas of concern. Here's what they are: https://t.co/l0rSCLu9hd

This issue of MIT Technology Review rests on the premise that it's time to start talking less about the technology for preventing global warming and more about the technology we’ll need to live with it. https://t.co/GtwWz5TVnC

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