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Open source POWER ISA takes aim at @Intel and Arm for accelerator-driven computing https://t.co/VgqHp0Okwu by @jas_np

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Asia has a vast, powerful and dynamic driver of growth that is largely untapped: the extraordinary potential of its women and girls

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This scientist believes he has found the elixir of life and thinks we can extend human life span by another 30 to 50 years, at least. https://t.co/yBKZ9nEOby

For the industrial Internet of Things, defense in depth is a requirement https://t.co/Vl9R6NefWZ via @arstechnica @satishkgannu

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#Python is eating the world: How one developer's side project became the hottest #programminglanguage on the planet https://t.co/9Ue0uXOf4U by @NickJHeath #longreads

Top Six Cybersecurity Predictions for Critical Infrastructure and the IIoT https://t.co/t62bxQ7G4F via @BlackRidgeTech #CyberSecurity #IIoT #ICS #br_ICS #Industry40

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Why manufacturers need to invest in digital transformation https://t.co/1rVnUEdLsu via @sageuk

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