With these new resources from our friends at @DiscoveryEd, you’ll find tons of new ways to bring STEM learning into your classroom. Get the latest from #Bett2020: http://msft.it/6014TkA0i #MicrosoftEDU

💬 We spoke to @kate_griggs from @MadeByDyslexia at @bett_show about how teachers can make their classroom more inclusive to empower everyone to learn!

🎓 Learn more about Made by Dyslexia: http://msft.it/6017Tkf3x

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In a world where everything is online, it is essential that schools create a digitally rich learning environment that supports the needs of every learner.

🎓 Jump into our 'digitally inclusive' learning path that we covered @bett_show: http://msft.it/6014Tk4hk

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🧙‍♂‍🔮 Looking for that little bit of magic to bring into your classroom?

@AdamShortShorts from @Flipgrid explains what they are sharing at @Bett_Show this week.

Want to find out right now!? Check out ➡ http://msft.it/6010Tk4fj

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Don’t miss out on exclusive footage from #Bett2020! Watch Thursday's recap of What’s New in EDU to get the latest from London. http://msft.it/6019TkALz #MicrosoftEDU

🎓 Let's work together to reduce the workload for teachers across the UK.

Discover time-saving tools for planning and assignments that can improve your classes creativity, communication, and collaboration: http://msft.it/6016TkkYi

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💡 Who can I meet at the @MicrosoftEdu experience at @bett_show?

The incredible @jaqster from @MSMakeCode shares two reason why they are attending the expo and would love to talk to you all!

You can learn more online: http://msft.it/6016Tk4xo

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🎉 It's Friday and day three of @Bett_show 2020!

Unable to attend? We'll keep you up-to-date on Twitter and you can view our sessions online here: http://msft.it/6018TkCnp

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This week at #Bett2020 we announced brand new features that are coming to @microsoftstream and @LeslieFisher is here to show how you can make your own videos no matter the device.

Check it out ➡ http://msft.it/6010TkASm

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Who's got time to worry about server infrastructure? 👩‍💻 Not us!

Configure scalable, serverless apps with step-by-step recipes in this free e-book. 👇🏼

We are excited to announce new classroom ready kits designed for @HackingSTEM projects. Learn more about this exciting update: http://msft.it/6017TkAxS @CarolinaBio #MicrosoftEDU #Bett2020

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