Wands at the ready, wizards. You never know what kind of beasts you will see!
@FantasticBeasts is out now. https://t.co/K1yyZWhdbb (by nathsketch)

#CreatorsForChange visited the @UN for #ToleranceDay!

They brought their to-do list with them so they wouldn't forget anything.

Watch their work here: https://t.co/YcWdrEgYTk.

Creativity is solving problems the way you'd like them to be solved. What will you create? https://t.co/d6nuhBSBS7 #HourOfCode

It's hard for Lucas to make friends. So he built an elaborate friend-catching device. https://t.co/kkb5z9NWmV

We asked @robraco, aka Joaquin DeSantos of @CW_Riverdale, to react to some of the best Tumblr posts from the fandom. He did not disappoint. 🐍 https://t.co/HWTfS345Gg

How do you think your parents would describe what you do at work? #BIYP

"If you see any kind of abuse or exploitation of any child, anywhere, break the silence."

The Price of Free, coming 11/27. Watch the trailer now: https://t.co/SzdVnihWEF.

The perfect disguise. https://t.co/z4hwmw4q3r (by fleamontpotter)

We love you more than wifi. https://t.co/owcneuzHxA (by sashakatz)

🔍 just got an upgrade. We added sections so it’s easier for you to see the Tweets you care about the most, starting today in the US.

Never trust a clean slate. Stream all episodes of @OriginSeries now only with YouTube Premium. #LeaveEarth https://t.co/G8EWeU8WsD.

We met up with the cast of @FantasticBeasts for a magically exclusive video #AnswerTime! Check out the story behind this adorable moment and their answers about the film, fantastic creatures, and more ✨ https://t.co/vBv4oMLCyP

Whether you’re an inventor or intern, your words can inspire entire communities, just like our #LinkedInTopVoices. What conversation will you start today? https://t.co/E5nV9UG5Ac

Is it Valentine’s Day yet? 💗💕💘💞💝https://t.co/YbVKVa1UGQ

The ink drools from a pen, and black bunnies are born ✑🐇 https://t.co/lLIFJZQaJF (by @@schinako

Find your next island adventure on Pinterest and save it for whenever you’re ready to dive in.

📌 Click for more adventures: https://t.co/noRvUuLdrL

Why does it take a disaster to bring us together? Watch #Rising, an original short film from @LoveHasNo_: https://t.co/oS0ZbVyS41.

Today is a good day to be very nice. https://t.co/a9Nl1aSIGO (by hoppip) #WorldKindnessDay

Cancel your #GeographyWeek plans, because @NatGeo has a playlist to cover all your geographical needs: https://t.co/ce6T2eW1wh. #YouTubeLearning

Happy #WorldKindnessDay! These #CreatorsForChange are using their voices to create empathy: https://t.co/BFvpXqOMRP. #MyViewCan

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