When you're cute yet misunderstood.

Happy #BlackCatAppreciationDay! https://t.co/W5G2NIKlZr

Thank you to all the nonprofits and people who support them to make our world a better place <3 #NationalNonprofitDay

Top headlines for Friday, August 17, 2018: #DailyRundown

Nothing sweeter than @ArianaGrande's new album 🎧 https://t.co/37NEBAoFaX (by @ArturShahverdy1) #Sweetener

Maritime fashion is up 212% in Germany, while jumpsuits are trending in France. See what other wardrobe essentials are trending around the globe in our latest report: https://t.co/DNMiHrktsK

Fanfic can never be written in the light of day 🤔 https://t.co/G7chMQQHAG

Ever wonder what comes to mind when @CUBE_PTG thinks about #Universe? Jinho says love. Wooseok, on the other hand… Check out the rest of our GIFerview with these ✨Pentastic✨ guys on Tumblr: https://t.co/01bGi7TGVm @kconusa #KCON18LA

Top headlines for Thursday, August 16, 2018: #DailyRundown

You can't 🎵 dance to this tweet, but you can certainly watch @troyesivan answer fan questions in these exclusive new videos. https://t.co/sJ2LR8B1Qw #AnswerTime

Anyone down to play some #MarioKart? https://t.co/UDPUhdXx8y (by @Mathew_Lucas)

YouTube's video player automatically adapts to fit the shape of the video you're viewing -- helping @dillonfrancis and Young Ash look good in vertical. BaBaBa (Vete Pa’Ya) → https://t.co/NL3UqXUvbT.

Top headlines for Wednesday, August 15, 2018: #DailyRundown

Today’s #TuesdayTip highlights how to tell when your connections are active on LinkedIn. https://t.co/aHpm1rCqNI

This spring, @yestheory challenged Will Smith to bungee jump from a helicopter.

On his 50th birthday, he's finally going to take the plunge...over the Grand Canyon.

Here's how you can watch live on YouTube: https://t.co/wKlwLrKnap. #WillSmithTheJump

People from around the globe turn to Pinterest every day to discover everything from new statement pieces to seasonal trends. Today, over 21 billion fashion ideas have been shared on the platform. View our latest report to see what's trending globally: https://t.co/DNMiHrktsK

Really good post if you ever drink water. https://t.co/1YkrGO8ihc

Top headlines for Tuesday, August 14, 2018: #DailyRundown

Become human. https://t.co/AIGRrNsXWv (by @heythisisangle) #DetroitBecomeHuman

Don't let data worries keep you from Twitter. Twitter Lite is now in 21 more countries.

Stay informed with push notifications. Save data and space on your device. Turn on night mode. Bookmark Tweets to read later.

Download in the Google Play Store. 👇

Twitter Lite in the Google Play Store: now available in 45+ countries

Twitter Lite in the Google Play Store, now available in more than 45 countries around the world.


.@karliekloss, founder of @kodewithklossy, makes the most of Mondays by getting her heart rate up and never forgetting to play. Share how you'll make the most of the week ahead with #HelloMonday: https://t.co/9YM2Qd657N

Happy #LeftHandersDay to @PaulMcCartney and all the other lefties out there. https://t.co/q3ny7VgDa4

Top headlines for Monday, August 13, 2018: #DailyRundown

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